A Recovery Community

Residential Treatment / Inpatient

When individuals receive treatment in an inpatient setting, they are, first and foremost, entering a safe environment where they are monitored around-the-clock by trained professionals.

In this setting, the obstacles, complications, and stressors of everyday life are removed so that individuals are able to place all of their energy and focus on recovering and becoming well again.

Clients enter residential treatment, sometimes known as inpatient treatment, once they are medically cleared and their withdrawal symptoms have stabilized.

Residential clients at our facilities are monitored 24/7 and our staff ensures they are safe, actively involved in their treatment and attending regular group and individual therapy sessions.

Mental health issues are also addressed as a part of their integrated treatment. Co-occurring issues commonly treated are depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and other trauma conditions.

Avenues Recovery has residential in patient and outpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs 1 Hour from Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ.