By Jay Laporte
Mar 01, 2022
In Our Own Words: Passing on Hope- Jay Laporte

Perhaps my greatest joy as Alumni Coordinator is having our successful alumni come back and... Read more

By Joe Van Wie
Sep 01, 2021
In Our Own Words: Stopping to Run and Facing My Demons- Joe Van Wie

In our own words: Stories from those who have been there and are determined to... Read more

By Shannon Courtois
Mar 17, 2021
In Our Own Words: Promises and Angels – Shannon Courtois

I am a child of addiction. At a very young age I was exposed to... Read more

By Trevor Quinones
Feb 03, 2021
In Our Own Words: Taking a Chance- Trevor Quinones

An Idyllic Childhood My life began with no hint of the adversity I would need... Read more

By Helga Tone
Jan 15, 2021
In Our Own Words: Moments that Matter – Helga Tone

This is Helga, I am one of the counselors at the Avenues in Metairie, Louisiana... Read More

By Stephanie Foran
Nov 13, 2020
In Our Own Words: A Hope Rope – Stephanie’s Story

One morning it finally changed for me. For some reason it hit me this time.... Read more

By Tanaisha Pearson
Aug 04, 2020
In Our Own Words: Tanaisha’s Journey

my excellence isn’t determined by societymy love is puremy smile is genuinemy heart is fragile&... Read more

By Devin Refice
Jul 21, 2020
In Our Own Words: Camping and Growing with Avenues Recovery

"Adversity makes you dig deep inside, and inside is where the healing happens"

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