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Tanaisha Pearson

In Our Own Words: Tanaisha’s Journey

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In Our Own Words: Tanaisha’s Journey

In our own words: Stories from those who have been there and are determined to... Read more

In Our Own Words: Camping and Growing with Avenues Recovery

"Adversity makes you dig deep inside, and inside is where the healing happens"

A Diary of Hope

It is lonely. It is so quiet and so noisy. I want to make it... Read more

Heroes of the Recovery Community

Coronavirus has created new realities for every industry. The drug and alcohol treatment field is... Read more

Anger is a D word

By Sean O. “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in... Read more

Relapse is not a requirement – a client story

A recovery story by Sean O. It was February 2001 – the first day of... Read more

Matthew’s Story of Hope – A Journey of an Addict

A Story of Hope.  Matthew E.  Avenues Recovery, New Orleans Drug Rehab Some addiction stories... Read more

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