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Shlomo Hoffman

Romance in Rehab: Why It Doesn’t Work

Shlomo Hoffman

FAQs: Seeking Addiction Treatment During Pregnancy

Shlomo Hoffman

Fact Check: Does length of stay make a difference in drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Shlomo Hoffman

The Future is Here

Brooke Abner

A Diary of Hope

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A Diary of Hope

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Heroes of the Recovery Community

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The Shutdown and its Toll on the Recovery Community

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Five Signs You May Have An Addiction

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The Simple Science of Addiction

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There’s a mnemonic that I heard for the first time when I was in rehab... Read more

Relapse is not a requirement – a client story

A recovery story by Sean O. It was February 2001 – the first day of... Read more

Staying Sober Through the Holidays

Staying sober throughout the holidays will strengthen your recovery. The holiday season is upon us... Read more

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