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Ryan Gagne


New England

Ryan was raised in Hudson NH by a wonderful family, no one would have suspected that Substance Abuse Disorder would shape his life. All activities, hobbies and life ambitions had fell victim to Ryan’s struggle with SUD and found himself in many treatment centers over the years. Finally March of 2008 the message of Recovery stuck with him and he has dedicated his life to helping other people find the freedom and happiness they seek through recovery from drug and alcohol addiction that he has found. Ryan believes completely in treating SUD by treating the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Since then Ryan has maintained and remained extremely active in his personal Recovery. He has also gone back to school for Criminal Justice at Great Bay Community College after only having a 6th grade education. His dream was to go back into the Correctional Facilities and develop models for Rehabilitation to help the people who are incarcerated for SUD related issues get the appropriate help they need. While in school took a job in SUD Treatment and fell in love with the work. Ryan started off by landing a role as a Case Manager, then fell into a Facility Operations Manager role where he worked his way into the Chief Operating Officer. Ryan also has experience being the Director of Admissions and Marketing where he established and maintained both local and national relationships with other Substance Abuse Treatment Providers. In October 2015 Ryan founded Live Free Structured Sober Living which provided highly structured supports and high levels of accountability for highly motivated residents. After seeing a need to have a higher level of care through the deaths around New England Ryan partnered with some like-minded folks and opened New England Recovery and Wellness in December of 2016. The Journey continues…

Rebecca Rondeau, LICSW

Clinical Director

New England

Rebecca Rondeau, LICSW, Clinical Director, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and has provided therapeutic services to individuals with mental health and addiction challenges since 2003.
Rebecca has always felt driven and committed to caring for those in need and at risk. Early in her life, she began her work by providing outreach services to at-risk youth in Boston, MA. At Clark University, where she majored in Sociology, Psychology, and Human Development, she realized her passion for work in mental health. She received her master’s degree in clinical social work from Boston College in 2004. Since then she has provided therapy services to people of all ages in settings from outpatient to residential. She cares deeply about working with families and connecting individuals to supportive systems. Her specialty is in trauma informed treatment with individuals struggling with both mental health and addiction. Rebecca enjoys teaching and training other providers, supervising new clinicians, and developing new programming.
She is excited to be part the team at Avenues Recovery Center working collaboratively to help others find their path to lasting recovery.
Rebecca lives in New Hampshire with her family.

Kris Lang

Operations Manager

New England

Kris Lang is the Office/Operations Manager for Avenues Recovery Extended Care. She has an Associates Degree in Accounting and Business Management. Kris has worked in the Mental Health Field for over 20 years. She assisted in the development of a Substance Use Treatment Program in the local community recently and found this to be her passion. Her goal is to use her many years of experience to help build and maintain Avenues Recovery Extended Care’s success and respect in the treatment community.

Matt Boyd

BHT Supervisor

New England

Matt Boyd, BHT Supervisor, has worked in the substance abuse treatment field in various capacities for more than four years. Matt has managed men’s sober living programs in Portland, ME, and Manchester, NH and has worked at our Concord, NH facility for the past two and a half years. Since entering long-term recovery in 2014, Matt understands firsthand how difficult early recovery is and has devoted himself to helping others find their path to permanent sobriety. It is Matt’s unparalleled passion and dedication to helping our clients that makes him such an invaluable asset to the Avenues team.

Justin Reynolds

Intake Supervisor

New England

A native of western Massachusetts, Justin has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for the past three years at several different New England facilities and is also in long term Recovery himself. His extensive personal & professional experience working with people from all walks of life are part of what makes Justin so effective in dealing with our client population. An attitude of understanding, empathy, and love for those struggling with substance use, as someone who has lived it, make him an indispensable member of the RAW team. As the head of the Intake Department, Justin’s compassion can often make all the difference in setting the tone for someone taking their first steps on this path. He is a beacon of hope and a shining example of recovery that one hopes to meet when entering treatment.

Daniel Maurer

Intake Coordinator

New England

Finding the right treatment program for oneself or a loved one can be a daunting task, especially in times of crisis. As an admissions coordinator, Dan ensures that every person calling in receives compassion, patience, and support, coupled with honest and accurate information on the treatment process. Dan understands that admissions is about much more than simply answering the phone and often involves working with the family, legal system, and other organizations to best assist the individual seeking help. In addition to his work at Avenues, Dan is working toward completing a bachelor’s degree at University of New Hampshire.

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