Addictions Counselor

Amanda LeBoeuf, MA, PLPC

Amanda LeBoeuf, MA, PLPC, joined Avenues Recovery Center’s team in 2020. Amanda came to us as a counseling Intern in the Summer of 2020 and was offered a counseling position at the completion of her program in 2021. She is now a Residential Treatment Program Counselor at Townsend Recovery Center full-time. Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Admission and a Minor in Management in December 2007. After getting married and having kids, Amanda decided to make a career move from sales. Amanda completed the Townsend inpatient program herself in 2017 and decided to go back for her Master’s degree. Amanda developed her counseling skills and techniques while a student at the University of Holy Cross in New Orleans and a clinical intern at Townsend Recovery Center. She graduated from Holy Cross in May 2021 with a Master of Arts in Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health. 

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