Addictions Counselor

Helga Tone, PLPC

Helga Tone graduated from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in counseling, with specialization in Clinical Mental Health.

Upon completing her schooling, Helga worked in the addiction field for two years. She then moved to the Children’s Bureau as a school counselor in the heart of New Orleans, utilizing TBRI and treating children with severe trauma and maladaptive coping skills.

Helga currently works as a residential treatment counselor for Avenues Recovery and treats clients who struggle with addiction from a trauma informed therapeutic model. The hallmark of her counseling style involves EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Somatic Experience Exercises, and Brene Brown’s research on vulnerability.

While she has learned from many great therapy giants, and has deep respect for existential psychotherapists in particular, Helga found her own voice on implementing approaches developed by others in a way that seeks to honor the unique battle each client must fight.

She strives to help clients find healing by guiding them to listen to the body with compassion and curiosity and integrate their somatic experiences, so that positive cognitions finally ring true, and the body, mind and spirit are truly healed, and free from addiction. 

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