Client Care Advocate

Jordan Rayyashi, BA

Jordan graduated from Keene State College in December 2021 with a BA in psychology and minors in Sociology and Additions.

When Jordan was a sophomore in college, his aunt, who had been in active addiction since 2008, overdosed and passed away. After this personal family experience with addiction and overdose, he delved deeper into the addiction studies field. This has evolved into helping others battling addiction in the hopes that they can live more fulfilling and happy lives with their families.

He began working at Avenues as a Behavioral Health Technician in January 2022 and quickly fell in love with his role here as well as the clients he was tasked with helping. In June, Jordan was promoted to Client Care Advocate, and he jumped on the opportunity to have a more impactful role in our client’s recovery. His role includes ensuring that all our clients get their needs met regarding aftercare placement, legal requirements, insurance coverage, and any other miscellaneous needs.

Jordan finds his contributions in giving our clients the peace of mind necessary to focus on recovery, extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

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