Clinical Program Director

Kimberly Cox, LBP, LADC, MBA/HCM

Kimberly A. Cox, LBP, LADC, MBA/HCM has a Master of Business Administration – Focus in Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences – Focus in Psychology from Cameron University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a Licensed Behavioral Practitioner (#0158) and a Licensed Alcohol Drug Counselor (#641). Appointed by Governor Mary Fallin in 2013, she continues to represent LBPs in the State of Oklahoma as a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Licensure.

Ms. Cox is a leadership, management, and development professional with over 18 years of experience in efficiently managing over 18 different programs and supervising over 30 direct subordinates through effective business communication and inter-agency collaboration. She has a proven history in process improvement and reducing company costs while increasing revenue. Ms. Cox is knowledgeable in building rapport and partnerships with customers, peers, and other high-profile stakeholders. Well-versed in fundraising and funding application processes, strategic leadership and planning, policy and procedure implementation, staff development, and budget oversight are among her skill set. Her talents additionally include first-rate supervision and mentoring expertise, training and presentation development, and industry and program oversight. She has assisted aspiring and existing agency owners gain and maintain state licensure in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi and Arizona; CARF accreditation in Arkansas and Oklahoma, and much more through her consulting services.

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