Primary Therapist

Kirk Appley

Kirk Appley, a dedicated Primary Therapist, embarked on his journey in the field of addiction treatment with a deep commitment to helping individuals rebuild their lives. His educational path led him to Camden County College in NJ, where he pursued studies in Addiction Counseling and Social Work, earning an Associate's degree. Although financial constraints interrupted his pursuit of a Bachelor's degree, Kirk's passion for learning continues to drive him towards obtaining both a Bachelor's and eventual Masters.

With nearly seven years of experience in the field, Kirk's motivation is deeply rooted in his personal and familial experiences with co-occurring disorders. Recognizing his innate ability and desire to assist individuals in their journey to "put themselves together again," Kirk believes that the unconscious motivation for people to bond with substances often stems from unresolved inner suffering. His therapeutic philosophy centers on empowering those under his care to believe in themselves, building essential skills and self-confidence, with a particular emphasis on self-efficacy.

Beyond his professional life, Kirk leads a simple yet fulfilling existence. He finds solace in activities such as fishing, hiking, traveling, gaming, and sports. Kirk's passion for martial arts, including past experiences in Aikido and ongoing practice in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reflects his commitment to discipline and self-improvement. He is an avid reader, delving into subjects encompassing great minds, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, self-help, motivation, and music. While Kirk's family resides in Arkansas, he lives independently, anticipating the day he can welcome a furry friend into his life due to his deep love for animals.

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