Primary Counselor

Seamus Nash, BS, CSC-AD

Seamus Nash, CSC-AD, Counselor, has more than seven years of experience working with clients with substance use disorder. He is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSC-AD) in the State of Maryland. Seamus’s desire to help prevent substance abuse began when he was working in Facilities Management at American University. He became active with a substance abuse prevention program and contributed both time and money to the cause. After several years, he decided to add a psychology degree to his education with a specialization in substance abuse counseling. Seamus states that changing careers has been one of the most rewarding things of his life. Seamus has worked primarily at inpatient treatment centers. He completed an internship at Shephard Pratt, and has worked with Medicaid and private insurance. Seamus uses his skills to assist clients with co-occurring disorders, family issues, and gambling addictions.

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