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All I can say is that Avenues helped change my life and showed me that recovery was an option. The place is for me was magical. I had been sober many times in the past but never ever recovered from tragedy, trauma, or my addiction. I was given tools and educated on how to use them and now I have a life of an addict being in remission and recovering daily. 8 1/2 months sober today and ready for more.

Rosa Sawyer

Prince Frederick

When it comes to recovery, community is the most important factor to me because it’s what is going to keep me sober. The community here gives me the chance to help another alcoholic which essentially helps me. The staff is amazing and truly is here for me. They have helped me in so many different ways to help me realize that I am capable, lovable, smart.

Iain Schaaf

New England

I am one who has been to treatment multiple times at other facilities and was not able to stay in long-term recovery. Avenues was a much needed experience that has renewed my hope for sobriety. I cannot thank them enough. The clinicians were kind, supportive, and very knowledgeable. I was able to see tangible results for the work I put in. It has given me the resources to succeed!

Justin Lanoux

Metairie, LA

Literally a life changing experience. I was able to practice life skills in a warm and safe environment. Though the work was difficult at times, there was so much support from the clinical staff, fellow clients and the counselors. I was blessed and fortunate to have been in this marvelous program and grew so much emotionally!! Thank you Avenues for giving me a second chance at life!

Karen Rubinstein

Bucks County, PA

Helped save my life, literally. It’s up to an individual if they REALLY want to change, I didn’t want to change, I went there because of probation, but WHILE I was there I learned things, I met people, I was supported more than ever before . And now I’m about to get married and I’m living my best life. I’m Grateful For Avenues. THANK you ! 💪❤️

Brendon Croddy

Ft Wayne

Avenues was everything I did not know I needed for my recovery- I came in not knowing what to expect, and was met with so much compassion and understanding aimed towards my rehabilitation. the staff here really does go above and beyond to relate to you and provide emotional support through every struggle you face. I would highly recommend Avenues to anyone seeking a true change of living.

Katie Nichols

New England

As someone who had never done a rehab program and was very unsure of what they were walking into, Avenues was exactly what I needed. The clinical staff is awesome and you can tell that they really have a heart for the patients at the center. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re serious about getting well. Special shout out to Ruthie for always being a smiling face when you need it.

Ryan Yanchuleff

Prince Frederick

Avenues of Bucks has been a life changing instrument in my sobriety. I came to Avenues 6 months pregnant, lost and hopeless. The staff here welcomed me with open arms & comforted my family as I began treatment. I worked through denial and reservations & have come to be able to fully surrender to a clean and happy life, due in huge respect to everything Avenues had to offer.

Christina Oliva

Bucks County, PA

I walked into detox at the beginning of this year with no intentions of staying sober. I only went because it was the best of bad options and to appease my family members. Little did I know that this organization would LITERALLY save my life. I am forever grateful to the each and every single one of the staff members here for educating me on myself and the nature of my disease. To say that they did an amazing job with would be an understatement.

Andrew Christianson

Bucks County, PA

I just recently finished a 35-day program at Avenues Recovery Center and feel ready to take on the world…a day at a time. The staff and counselors were professional, kind and very experienced. The nursing staff helped in every way to care for my physical needs. I am so grateful for this experience and feel ready to go home and work at my sobriety and be successful.

Shelly Charnin

Lake Ariel

Avenues literally saved my life. This place goes above and beyond to help their clients. I was stuck in New Hampshire with nowhere to go and no options. Devin Refice is a guardian angel. I called him and asked for help and he helped me get an Uber from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. They did not have to do this for me but they went above and beyond to save my life. I am forever grateful for avenues.

Gabrielle Gerschwiler

Bucks County, PA

I absolutely owe my life and sobriety to this facility. Most of the staff here, both administrative and technicians, are in recovery, and serve as a constant reminder of how transformative and how living a fulfilling life is possible in recovery. The counselors here are really there to help. It is there life’s mission to see addicts, such as myself, achieve and maintain sobriety. Love y’all!

Scott Dallimore

Metaire, LA

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