Because we never, ever give up.

We’re going to say it as it is: getting & staying sober is hard. But at Avenues, we’re in this with you, no matter how hard it is. It’s how heroes are made.

I walked into detox at the beginning of this year with no intentions of staying sober. I only went because it was the best of bad options and to appease my family members. Little did I know that this organization would LITERALLY save my life. I am forever grateful to the each and every single one of the staff members here.

Andrew Christianson

Because we know it takes time.

While there are many programs that are 2-3 weeks long, ours runs a month or more, depending on each client’s  needs. Why? Because true, lasting healing takes time. 
And we want yours to last forever.

Why longer treatment is more effective

Because lonely recovery doesn’t last.

Staying connected to a community of friends who get it is a commitment you can keep forever. And our incredible alumni program will always have your back, so you can stay sober — and love the rest of your life.

The alumni program is so great because after graduating treatment, I didn’t have to build my own sober support network from scratch. I have friends calling and checking up on me all the time, and a community I love and trust to fall back on.  It’s incredible to know that you’re not the only one who’s going through this!

Starr Thomas

Because community-based rehab works.

Leaving rehab is challenging. Healing closer to home means you’re still engaged with your real life and the people in it — making it so much easier to get back into it when you’re ready. 

Avenues has 10 beautiful facilities across the US.

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Lasting sobriety. A life of meaning.

Begin healing today.

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Behind those low relapse rates: Our foundational beliefs.

Every Avenues facility operates with the same clinical structure. So you’re getting the same experience, wherever you are.

Family should be part of recovery.

With family sessions, you'll build relationships and grow your sober support network.

Recovery should be for everyone.

We work with all insurance plans and Medicaid to ensure that healing is affordable for everyone.

We’re here for your whole story.

Our medical team will diagnose and treat co- occurring physical & mental health conditions.

Addiction is a disease we can fight.

Addiction is a chronic health disorder. It’s not your fault. We’re here to help you beat it!

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Ask us anything! We’ll get back to you within the day.



The Avenues detox program is the first step in long-term addiction recovery. 


Our inpatient residential rehab treatment is a beautiful & safe healing environment.


Where you’ll gradually integrate back into  your real life with confidence and grace.


A sober social network – it’s part emotional support, part friends, part family. 

is Day 1.

We'll get on a call, assess your health history, and verify your insurance. Today is Day 1. We can't wait to celebrate Day 1000 with you!


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