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Anyone who’s grappled with addiction knows the suffocating pain and loneliness it brings. Reaching out for help takes real courage, and even thinking about treatment can be overwhelming. So many choices and terms are thrown around, and it’s very normal to have questions and concerns!

We believe that exploring your options and getting treatment for addiction should be as simple as possible. On this page we’ll explain all about Partial Hospitalization, who it’s intended for, and how it works at Avenues Recovery.

What is PHP?

Partial Hospitalization, often referred to as PHP, is an outpatient treatment module commonly used to treat mental illness and substance abuse. While in PHP, clients live at home but travel to their treatment center up to seven days a week in order to continue receiving a full regimen of therapy. PHP is less intensive than residential treatment - because clients are not actually living at the treatment facility - yet still more absorbing than a standard outpatient program, because they are in treatment all day and only return home at night.

Who is Partial Hospitalization For?

Partial Hospitalization rehab programs are tailored to those who no longer need intensive residential treatment for substance abuse, yet still require a high level of clinical supervision and support. For such individuals, PHP is the perfect balance - offering the oversight of an inpatient facility and the relaxed programming of a lower level of care. This increased flexibility allows them to attend to work and home responsibilities while still actively pursuing their recovery.

How Does the PHP Treatment Center Work at Avenues?

At Avenues, our PHP program is a unique and integral part of our continuum of care, helping clients find their footing in their world after emerging from residential treatment. And we’ve seen the results – Avenues alumni have unusually low relapse rates, as they face life with the skills, strength and support system gained here.

Here’s how PHP at Avenues treatment centers works.

Clinical Program

In our PHP rehab program, clients begin slowly re-integrating into life and society while still held by the framework of a structured treatment program. A looser schedule allows them to practice vital life skills learned in residential treatment and learn to deal with real- life triggers and challenges - all with the guidance of a qualified therapist. Clients attend individual and group therapy sessions each day, which focus on developing and maintaining new, healthier attitudes and behavioral patterns. For those who wish, family and couple sessions are offered as well. Nightly community meetings give clients the invaluable opportunity to build meaningful relationships and form a sober support network that will remain with them long after treatment.

Extracurricular Program

Time and again, studies have shown that relaxation is a key component of the healing process. People recover best when in a peaceful and contented state of mind, caring for their emotional as well as physical health. Additionally, learning how to have fun while sober is an important recovery skill our clients will turn to once leaving our doors.

Here at Avenues, leisure is built right into our schedule! Clients enjoy a variety of exciting recreational activities on campus, such as nature activities, camping, horseback riding, swimming, movie days, spa days, pottery, barbeques, cookouts, and much more... This sober fun has a variety of social, emotional, and psychological benefits, and proves that a wonderful time can be had even when not under the influence of any substances.


Partial Hospitalization is usually an outpatient program. However, Avenues has formed strong relationships with  beautiful sober living facilities right near our PHP programs, and our partnership allows our clients to live there while in treatment. This removes the burden of travel from our clients, enabling them to reside in a luxurious domestic setting apart from, yet near the facility – all while still engaging in a full daily therapy schedule.


1. How long does PHP last?

The average length of stay for Partial Hospitalization generally is between one and two months. However, since treatment is fully customized and dependent on the individual, a client will remain in PHP until they are deemed ready to graduate to a lower level of care. PHP may therefore last for a different amount of time for each person.

2. How many hours a day is PHP?

PHP usually lasts six/ six and a half per day. Programming starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m., giving you plenty of free time.

3. What is the goal of PHP?

The goal of PHP is to enable clients to slowly re-integrate into normal life and begin applying and practicing the skills and behaviors they have learned in treatment in real day-to-day situations. Upon completing PHP, clients should be ready to move to a lower level of care with less supervision, while resuming employment and other responsibilities.

4. Does PHP address mental health/ co-occurring disorders?

Yes. PHP continues any and all therapeutic work that began in residential treatment, including any therapies aimed at addressing a co-occurring mental health disorder.

5. How much does PHP cost?

The cost of a Partial Hospitalization Program  will be different for every individual, since it depends on the type of insurance coverage they have and the amount of time they require in this specific level of care. Avenues Recovery accepts the following insurances, as well as private pay: Aetna, Anthem, Beacon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CareFirst, Cigna, First Health, Highmark, Horizon, Qualcare, Tricare, UMR, Union, and United Healthcare. Reach out, and our business office will be glad to provide an individualized cost estimate and discuss payment options with you.

6. What’s the difference between Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs?

The difference between Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient treatment is that PHP is a more intensive level of care than IOP. This means that when in PHP, you will have more time to work with your primary therapist, to attend group sessions, and to benefit from the clinical support that is so critical as you ease back into real life.

7. Does Avenues’ PHP facility treat all types of substance addictions?

Yes. Our PHP treatment centers accommodate for all types of substance addictions, including alcohol and all drugs.

Continuum of Care

Avenues Recovery offers a full continuum of care, spanning Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober Living services. It is important to understand where Outpatient Treatment stands in the greater picture of substance abuse treatment:

Detox > Residential/ Inpatient Treatment > Partial Hospitalization > Intensive Outpatient > Outpatient> Sober Living

In order for any program (including Outpatient Therapy) to be fully effective, it must be preceded and succeeded by the appropriate levels of care. Rushing treatment, skipping a level of care, or moving to a lower level of care before it is deemed medically and clinically appropriate can all detract from the efficacy of treatment. Therefore, we encourage following the structure of our treatment program. The pre-admission clinical assessment and ASAM criteria will determine each client’s level of care upon intake.

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