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One of our core beliefs is that recovering close to home generates sobriety that sticks. If you’re looking for gold-standard drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Indiana, Avenues’ two Indiana locations make community-based treatment a possibility.

About Us

Avenues Recovery Center is a nationwide network of drug and alcohol rehab facilities with two select rehab centers in Indiana. 

Although honestly, we’re much more than a simple rehab in Indiana. Avenues is a warm, vibrant community of people pursuing recovery, who support and cheer each other on each day. We’re not just a rehab - we’re a family.


of our active alumni are sober after one year!

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The Avenues Journey

Quick fix solutions will only lead to short-lived results. That’s why we use an evidence-based, time-tested process that yields meaningful outcomes. 

Admissions and Evaluation

We learn about who you are - and create a customized plan targeted to your strengths and weaknesses. 

Detox Treatment

For individuals with dangerous levels of drugs or alcohol in their blood, medically-monitored detox treatment is crucial. 

Residential Treatment

In inpatient residential treatment, you’ll gain the recovery skills you need  through individual and group therapy, classes, recreation, and more. 

Outpatient Treatment

In outpatient treatment, continued therapy plus guided independence teaches you to lead your own life again - only this time with joy, stability, and poise. 

Post-Treatment Care

Upon graduation, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our incredible alumni program: friendship, fun, and unflagging support. You’ll leave with a new family who’s always got your back.

Secrets to Our Success

What is it that makes Avenues Indiana rehab different? Discover the key ingredients of our recipe for success. 

No-giving-up policy

One of the biggest factors of sobriety success is your support circle and self-belief. We believe in you, and never, ever quit on you.

Evidence-based treatment

We employ treatments that are proven to extend sobriety long after leaving, like dual diagnosis, relationship counseling, & more.

Incredible alumni program

Community is key, and at Avenues, you’ll leave with a community of close friends who will cheer you on through the journey of life.

Treatment Modalities

You are completely unique - and so is your recovery journey. We get that, so we craft you a customized care plan using a variety of tried and true treatment modalities. 

Indiana Locations

Explore Avenues’ four premium drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers in Indiana:

Avenues Recovery Center at Fort Wayne

Medical Detox and Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Indiana

2626 Fairfield Ave | Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

Give us a call! 260-235-5900

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Avenues Recovery Center at Clarksville

Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment Center in Indiana

4601 Medical Plaza Way | Clarksville, Indiana 47129

Give us a call! 930-203-1000

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Avenues Recovery Center at South Bend

Detox Center and Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in South Bend, Indiana

60205 Bodnar Blvd | Mishawaka, Indiana 46544

Give us a call! 574-345-0246

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Avenues Recovery Center at Indianapolis

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

7960 Shadeland Ave | Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

Give us a call! 463-221-4959

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Cities & regions we serve

Avenues Recovery Center has drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Indiana. We serve all of the following locations:

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Indianapolis Fort Wayne Evansville South Bend Fishers Carmel Bloomington Hammond Noblesville Lafayette Greenwood Columbus Anderson Clarksville Madison County Kosciusko County Marion County Allen County

Live the life you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

What are the living accommodations like in Avenues Indiana?

Avenues Recovery Center strives to create a serene and safe environment for every one of our clients as they begin their recovery journey. Both of our Indiana facilities – in Fort Wayne and Clarksville – are fresh, contemporary, and newly remodeled. The bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, common areas, lounges, and clinical rooms are all beautiful, airy, and inviting. Natural light and soft color palettes are found throughout the buildings, contributing to the peaceful energy which pervades our campuses. Three fresh, gourmet meals are served daily in our spacious cafeterias. Rustic outdoor areas allow our clients to enjoy the natural beauty of our secluded grounds.

Every detail in our facilities has been curated to contribute to the calming, tranquil atmosphere that envelops you from the moment you enter our doors.

Is smoking allowed at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Indiana?

If smoking is an important habit and outlet for you, it’s important to research different smoking policies before you make a decision about which treatment center you wish to attend. Some rehabs – especially those located within a hospital – will forbid smoking altogether; others may have similarly restrictive smoking policies.

At Avenues, we fully understand that people engaging in the exhausting work of recovery require an outlet. Both of our Indiana locations permit the use of any tobacco and vape products, as long as they are restricted to our designated smoking areas and not used during group and individual sessions.

What should I bring to rehab in Indiana?

When packing for rehab, it’s helpful to envision that you’re going on a 3 to 4 week trip away from home. Items to bring would include:

  • Comfortable, modest, clothing (a few outfits should be enough)
  • Comfortable shoes and sneakers(one or two pairs)
  • Medications you’re currently taking
  • Any alcohol-free toiletries, personal hygiene, and beauty products you may need (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup, etc.)
  • Health insurance card
  • Your driver’s license
  • Pocket money

Is anything not allowed at rehab at Avenues Recovery in Indiana?

At Avenues, we are firmly committed to creating and safeguarding an inclusive, secure, and courteous environment at any and all times. It follows that any item which will impinge upon this respectful atmosphere is forbidden. This includes:

  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Clothing displaying messages that are contradictory to treatment (i.e. drugs, alcohol, gang affiliation, racism)
  • Immodest clothing such as halter, strapless and spaghetti strap tops, and short shorts
  • Any item of clothes which leaves the midriff, cleavage, buttocks, or undergarments exposed
  • Any weapons or sharp objects
  • Cash or valuables in excessive amounts (i.e. checkbooks, gift cards, jewelry, designer items, etc.)
  • Any item which lists alcohol as one of the first three ingredients

Can I have visitors at rehab in Avenues at Fort Wayne and Clarksville?

Avenues Recovery Center’s two Indiana facilities invite family members to be an active part of their loved one’s recovery process. There are visitation hours each weekend for family members of all clients. Family therapy groups, held twice a week, are open to all invited family members, and private family therapy sessions are available upon request as well. For more specific information about the visitation policies and hours of each location, please reach out directly to the facility.

We look forward to embarking on this incredible journey together with you!

Can I attend rehab locally, or do I need to travel far away from home?

Recovering close to home is actually one of the greatest contributing factors to sobriety that lasts long-term. Although there is a popular misconception that one must travel far to a “destination rehab” in order to successfully recover, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Attending rehab locally allows you to remain anchored in a stable, familiar environment, while still benefitting from the structure and support of a treatment program. Family and friends are close by and can stay involved in your recovery journey throughout the treatment process. And, you’re able to build a solid nearby sober support system and integrate into the local recovery community – which will strengthen you far into your sober future.

What substance addictions does Avenues rehab treat?

At Avenues, both our Fort Wayne and Clarksville locations are equipped to treat any and all kinds of substance use disorders. We treat addictions to alcohol, marijuana, central nervous system stimulants and depressants, inhalants, dissociative anesthetics, hallucinogens, and narcotic analgesics. This includes substances like Adderall, Ambien, amphetamines, bath salts, benzodiazepines, cocaine, crack, Ecstasy, fentanyl, heroin, ketamine, kratom, meth, opioids, prescription drugs, and Xanax.

If you are unsure whether Avenues treats the specific substance you are struggling with, reach out to learn more.

How long should rehab last?

When researching treatment programs, you’ll notice that there are many different program lengths offered. But clinical research has shown that the more time spent in rehab, the greater the chances the client stands to stay strong in his sobriety fat into the future. Risks of relapse drop with every additional day in recovery.

In keeping with our standard of treatment that is customized for each individual, at Avenues, length of stay will always be determined by the needs and situation of each client. However, a longer stay may be advised in many cases – and Avenues is prepared to provide residential treatment for up to a few months, and extended care for as long as each client needs.

Got more questions for us?

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Indiana

Statistics and Laws

Fondly nicknamed “The Hoosier State”, Indiana has a rich and multi-hued personality. It’s known for its rolling cornfields, the world-famous Indy 500 (also known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”), and its prized professional basketball team, the Indiana Pacers. Sadly, it also suffers from a significant substance abuse problem. Let’s explore drug and alcohol statistics in Indiana.

Alcohol  Abuse in Indiana

According to a recent survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association (SAMHSA), approximately 48.4% of Indiana residents above the age of 12 reported alcohol use in the past month. Indiana’s rate of alcohol use is close to the national average of 50.4%, with the highest rate of use noticed in the population aged 18 to 25. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that in 2020, an estimated 23.8% of Hoosiers over age 12 engaged in binge drinking - a particularly harmful form of alcohol abuse. 

The Indiana Youth Survey (INYS) conducted in 2020 found that alcohol was the most widely-abused substance among students in all grades in Indiana, with 12th grade presenting the highest rate of alcohol use at 28.5%. As age increased, so did the rate of use. 

Another study - the 2021 Indiana College Substance Use Survey (ICSUS) - surveyed 8,059 college students between the ages of 18 to 25 from 23 Indiana colleges. It found that 55.6% of the surveyed college students reported alcohol consumption within the past month, and 27.2% of students reported binge drinking within the past two weeks.

Alcohol abuse has a variety of negative consequences, and they show themselves clearly when looking at data. In 2019, 10,575 Indiana residents were hospitalized with an alcohol-related health problem. In a single year, 61 infants in Indiana were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - the most severe type of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). From 2000 to 2020, 10,645 people died in Indiana due to alcohol-related causes - a sobering number indeed. 

Avenues’ Indiana recovery center provides clinically-proven alcohol rehab services in Indiana.

Drug Abuse in Indiana

Drug abuse has been a problem throughout the United States ever since the late 1900s, and Indiana is no exception. With the aftereffects of Covid still being felt across the country, thousands of people turn to substances to deal with the depression, loneliness, and fear that the pandemic has brought. 

In 2019, 3.5% of Indiana residents reported illicit drug use in the past year. 

These are some of the commonly abused drugs in Indiana:

  1. Marijuana - In 2020, 10.9% of Indiana residents aged 12 and over reported current marijuana use. The highest rate of use was reported among young adults (ages 18-25), with 26.7% of that age group reporting marijuana use within the past month. 
  2. Opioids - In 2021, the opioid dispensation rate in Indiana 179.4 prescriptions per 1,000 people. During the 2020 NSDUH survey, approximately 3.3% of Hoosiers above age 12 reported abusing prescription opioids. About 0.5% of Indiana residents aged 18-25 reported heroin use within the past year. The 2020 drug overdose mortality rate involving opioids in Indiana was 27.8 per 100,000 people - a 9.3% increase from the previous year. 
  3. Stimulants (i.e. Cocaine and Meth) - According to the NSDUH 2020 survey, 1.8% of Indiana residents reported cocaine use within the past year. IN 2021, 10.3% of Indiana rehab centers admissions reported cocaine as a primary, secondary, or tertiary substance. 2020 data shows that 0.8% of Indiana natives reported past-year methamphetamine use, and 41.3% of all 2021 Indiana treatment admissions listed meth as a primary, secondary, or tertiary substance of use. 

Overdose Rates in Indiana

In line with its rates of drug and alcohol use, Indiana has witnessed its fair share of substance-induced overdoses and deaths. Since 2013, Indiana has consistently ranked in the upper half of U.S. states for drug overdose rates, and its overdose rates each year are consistently higher than the U.S. average.

The United States as a whole has experienced a fivefold increase in drug overdose death rates from the year 2000 to the year 2020, as the opioid epidemic took hold and wreaked havoc in communities across the country. This wave of overdoses has been driven primarily by opioids, and specifically the superdrug fentanyl. In the year 2020, 80.6% of all overdose deaths in Indiana were caused by opioids - a total of 1,828 opioid overdose deaths. As the government tries to cut back on the amount of medical prescriptions to prevent diversion and abuse, those desperate for drugs are merely turning to hard street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl, which are far stronger than prescription opioids and more likely to cause a fatal overdose.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 2,272 reported overdoses in Indiana in the year 2020 alone - a 33% increase from 2019. In 2021, the number rose to an upsetting 2,755 - a 21% increase from 2020. Over the last 15 years, opioid use - and specifically overdoses - has cost the Hoosier State over $43 billion in direct and indirect expenses. 

The need for high-quality drug and alcohol rehab centers in Indiana is glaring, and growing each day. And it’s a need that Avenues Recovery Center’s Indiana rehab strives to meet in everything we do. 

Drug and Alcohol Laws in Indiana

If you’re caught with drugs or alcohol in Indiana, what happens? Learn about Indiana’s controlled substance laws. 

Alcohol Laws

It is illegal to drive in the state of Indiana with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08% or more. For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is 0.04%. Additionally, Indiana has a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to underage drinking and driving. This means that the maximum legal BAC for anyone under age 21 is 0.02% - a level that can be reached with less than a single drink. 

Driving on Indiana’s roads means you have given “implied consent” to alcohol testing, should a police officer decide that it is necessary. 

It is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to a minor, or to allow minors to loiter in your domain while intoxicated. It is also illegal to sell alcohol to an already-intoxicated person, sell alcohol without a permit, or sell alcohol to those who are visibly under 40 without checking their ID. 

Drug Laws

In Indiana, drugs are divided into five “Schedules” based upon their strength, addiction liability, and level of proven medical use. The penalties for possession, manufacture, and sale of drugs in Indiana will depend on the Schedule and amount of the substance in question. 

  • Possession - Possessing a Schedule I, II, III, or IV substance is a Class A misdemeanor in Indiana. This can result in up to a year of jail time and up to $5,000 in fines. If any enhancing circumstance applies, the offense grows to a Level 6 Felony - which can result in up to two and a half years of jail time and up to $10,000 in fines. 


  • Manufacture/ Sale - Dealing in Schedule I, II, or III substances is a felony in Indiana, and the severity of the penalty is dependent on the amount of the substance. If the amount is 28 grams or above, you will be charged with a Level 2 Felony - which can result in up to 30 years of jail time, and up to $10,000 in fines. 

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