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Here’s what you can expect: When you make that first call, someone will have a chat with you about you and your background. Be prepared for these important pre-assessment questions: Your health, history of use, and past treatments.

What’s with all the questions? Each person heals differently. The more we know from the get-go, the more likely you are to be set for total recovery from Day 1.

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Your intake evaluation is an in-person conversation with a medical professional. Together, you’ll go over your medical history and substance use patterns. This comprehensive assessment allows us to offer the highest level of clinical care.

Don’t skip details. It’s hard to tell your story. But a misleading picture of your habits can prolong treatment. Help yourself by being completely open from the start!

Personalized treatment plans

Medical team on staff

Detox Treatment

Getting to baseline: If you need detoxification, you will be transported to and from the detox facility. At detox, you will be carefully monitored. Medicine therapy under the supervision of a doctor is available if necessary. Learn more.

No detox needed? If you don’t need detox treatment, you’ll spend the first 24 hours getting to know the team and community. We’ll help you get settled in and comfy!

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Complete symptom management

Detox can be hit and miss. Avenues is an EXCELLENT detox and rehab program! I can’t say enough about how hard the staff worked to make clients feel welcome, safe, and supported.

Johnny Ledbetter

Your Stay

Gaining sober skills: Here, you’ll learn how to stay ahead of addiction, from group sessions & private therapy to fitness, recreational activities, and more. Family and relationship healing will also be included in your recovery journey!

Getting to the root of recovery: It’s important to heal the whole person. We’re equipped to diagnose and provide treatment for other health-related issues.

State-of-the-art fitness

Dual diagnosis treatment

Private & family therapy

Nutrition program


After your stay at Avenues Residential Treatment, you’ll graduate to Outpatient, where you’ll learn to lead your own life with sobriety & confidence. Our evidence-based curriculum will give you all the tools you need.

Real world support: Learn how to restart important relationships that were damaged by addiction, from family to spouses to friends. Get job support and integrate successfully at the workplace.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization)

IOP (Intensive Outpatient)

General OP Treatment

Sober Living homes

Living Life

When you’re in rehab, it’s a lot easier to stay sober in a safe environment, so many of life’s biggest stressors are gone. But what happens when you’re ready to leave?

That’s where Avenues Alumni comes in: a post-treatment community that you’re a part of forever. With regular counselor check-ins, a vibrant online chat, and local events, the Avenues Alumni is your family, social circle, and ticket to sobriety — for life.

Regular counselor check-ins

Events, activites, & outings

Online chat & network

Friendship & support

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