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What is drug detox?

If you’re ready to cut recreational drug use out of your life, the first step is a detox — getting it out of your system completely. Medical supervision will help you do so safely.

Meet the Avenues Drug Detox Center: a beautiful, safe inpatient drug detox and rehab with cutting-edge clinical standards. Our warm, supportive medical specialists will help you withdraw safely and comfortably, easing common symptoms. 

You may need drug detox if…

  • You’ve tried to quit at least once, but turns out… you can’t, because it’s physically or emotionally too hard.
  • Mood and behavior changes have led to relationship issues and caused friction in family life.
  • You need more and more of the substance to feel the same effects as you did when you began.
  • You’re using money that may have been allocated for other things (like groceries) to purchase substances.

What does a good drug detox program look like?

24/7 Service

Intake can happen any day, at any time. Whenever you’re ready, Avenues is here.

Alcohol Detox Experts

A team of warm, highly skilled detox clinicians and support staff are always at your side.

Safety + Risk Assessment

A comprehensive pre-detox will ensure you’re safe to start; we’ll keep checking in as you go.

Symptom Management

Discomfort alleviation like anti-anxiety & pain medication will be administered during detox.

Program Transition

We’ll help you transition to a post-detox inpatient treatment program to continue recovery.

Success Rate

92% of alumni are sober a year after discharge when they follow our program all the way through.

Quitting is hard.
Avenues makes it easier.

Giving you a soothing, supportive experience is first, last and everything to us. 
Here’s what people have to say:

What happens after Detox

Detox is the first step to recovery. On your journey to sobriety, you’ll discover tools and inner strength to live without drugs. Here’s how that looks for most people at Avenues:

Residential Treatment

Our inpatient residential rehab treatment is a beautiful & safe healing environment.

Outpatient Treatment

Where you’ll gradually integrate back into your real life with confidence and grace.

Alumni Program

A sober social network – it’s part emotional support, part friends, part family.

You probably have questions, like:

What is drug detox?

Drug detoxification (or detox for short) is the cleansing process during which a person’s body is flushed clean of all drugs and harmful substances. Over a period of time, the body and its systems slowly regain equilibrium and return to normal function. Once detox is over, you’ll be back to your old self.

How long does drug detox take?

Detox usually takes anywhere from three to seven days, although this can vary from one individual to another. Withdrawal symptoms kick in as soon as the effects of the drug wear off, but should be completely gone after seven to ten days. The average length of drug detox center programs is one week.

Is drug detox treatment covered by insurance?

Yes! Drug detox facilities treat substance use disorder, which is considered a valid medical condition. Therefore, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and opiate detox programs (as well as many others) are covered by almost all insurance policies. Click here to verify your insurance, or reach out to speak to one of our skilled treatment specialists and learn more.

Can I detox from drugs by myself, at home?

Detoxing at home is highly unadvisable and can be extremely dangerous at times. Drug detox is usually accompanied by strong withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, elevated heart rate, sweating, fever, tremors, stomach and muscle pain, which can result in life-threatening medical complications if not constantly monitored. Therefore, detox should always be done in an inpatient drug detox and rehab, under the careful supervision of trained medical professionals.

What kinds of meds are used during drug detox?

A range of different medications are used during detox to to alleviate pain and ease mood swings. Doctors will choose different meds for each person based on their personal health history, drugs they’ve used, length of time they’ve been using, and other individual considerations. Some medications used in drug detox facilities include Buprenorphine, Disulfiram, Methadone, Naltrexone, Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol.

What happens when you detox from drugs?

During drug detox, the body slowly adjusts to the sudden and total lack of substances in the bloodstream that comes from stopping drug use cold-turkey. It takes a while for the body to return to homeostasis, and during this time you might feel some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, like nausea, fever, tremors, sweating, stomach and muscle pains, and mild irritation and depression.

Will I feel sick during drug detox?

Not necessarily! Although drug detox invariably comes along with a host of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms – like nausea, vomiting, headaches, fever, and tremors –  it doesn’t have to be painful. When drug detox is performed in licensed addiction detox facilities like Avenues, under the care and constant monitoring of skilled medical professionals, almost all nausea and sickness can be avoided. 

What happens after drug detox?

Once drug detox is over, your body will have returned to normal – but not necessarily your mind. Although you can go home if you choose, chances are that if you needed detox, your substance abuse has devolved into something beyond your control. Continuing on from a residential detox program to inpatient drug rehab will give you the best chances of treating your addiction and achieving lifelong recovery.

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