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Prince Frederick, an Avenues Recovery Location

Welcome to Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick, where we’ll help you recover for good — with innovative treatment and a community that’s with you forever.


About Us

Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick is a drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation center located in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Our uniquely effective treatment approach is tailored to each individual, and known for its incredible 95% success rate even long after clients leave treatment. You may have been to treatment centers before - but you’ve never been to Avenues.

Where You’ll Stay

Residential inpatient treatment is scientifically proven to offer the best and most sustained outcomes. Through receiving treatment in a safe, serene and supportive environment, away from harmful living situations, clients can gain the tools they need for their sobriety to really stick. 

You’ll eat, sleep, socialize and unwind in our beautiful 93-bed facility, while attending therapy sessions in our modern treatment center next door - all in the comfort of one campus. Our skilled, attentive staff are always on hand to care for all your needs, and you’ll find warmth and connection wherever you turn.

  • Contemporary, inviting accommodations
  • Separate, modern treatment facility
  • Spacious lounges and recreation room 
  • State-of-the-Art Gym
  • On-Site Laundromat
  • Gourmet, Nutritious Meals
  • Local Transportation

Additionally, Avenues partners with step-down sober living homes for post-treatment clients who can benefit from continued support.

What You’ll Do

If you need drug or alcohol detox, you’ll spend your first few days in our comfortable on- site detox center. After detox, your days will be filled with group sessions, individual therapy, and enjoyable recreational activities. Throughout it all, you’ll be cared for by an incredible medical and clinical team and embraced by a community of fellow recovering addicts. Each day, you’ll gain the necessary tools to manage stress, cravings, triggers, and plain life. 

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Sessions
  • Family and Couple Counseling
  • Daily 12- Step Meetings (AA, NA, CA, HA)
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Yoga, Art, Music and Meditation
  • Exciting Weekend Activities and Outings
  • Independent Living Skills

Treatment Modalities

Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick we know that every person heals differently, so we threw away the cookie - cutter treatment approach. Instead, we choose from an array of therapy modalities to create a treatment plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. And with our multifaceted team of specialists, we’re able to treat the whole person - mind, body, and soul - so we can get to the root of your addiction and heal you from within.

  • Alcohol Detox 
  • Drug Detox
  • 24/7 Medical Care
  • Expert Psychiatric Care
  • Individual Therapy 
  • Group Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Family and Couple Counseling Sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Workforce Re-entry
  • Habilitative Care 
  • Immersive 12 - Step Programming
  • Holistic Arts Track
  • Medication - Assisted Treatment

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Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick

Prince Frederick, MD Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Center

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Why Avenues

Because you’re going to have bad days.

(We all do!) And we won’t let you give up.


We’re in this with you, no matter how hard it is.


So you can bring your healing back home.


A toolbox of treatments — customized to your needs.

Dual diagnosis

Get answers & support for both your physical & emotional health.

Real world

Job retraining, relationship counseling, and more.

Incredible alumni program

So you can stay sober — and love the rest of your life.

Our clients are our heroes

The Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick Team

Staffed with a full-time physician, psychiatrist, and licensed counselors, the Avenues Recovery team is warm, loving, and acutely qualified to help you!

Moshe Schonbrun

Executive Director

Dr. Paul Kulpinski, MD

Regional Medical Director
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Dr. Paul Kulpinski hails from Silver Spring, MD. His educational journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Tech and a Medical Doctorate in Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine and Behavioral Medicine from the University of Maryland. He completed his residency at UMD, showcasing his commitment to the medical field.

Dr. Kulpinski's impressive list of degrees is a testament to his dedication to his profession. He continues to enhance his skills by focusing on counseling, motivational interviewing, medical expertise, and acceptance therapy.

His career choice was deeply influenced by personal experiences, having witnessed friends and family struggle with mental health and co-occurring disorders. Driven by a genuine interest in psychosocial aspects and helping individuals transform their lives, he found his calling in addiction medicine and behavioral medicine, where he specializes in aiding those feeling trapped in their behaviors.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Kulpinski cherishes moments spent with his wife, two teenage children, and their two beloved dogs. He's an avid fan of the Orioles, having attended numerous games, and enjoys participating in community events, demonstrating his commitment to both family and community.

Katherine Erly, LCSW-C

Clinical Director
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Katie Erly is a dedicated clinical director at Avenues Recovery Center, hailing from Huntingtown, MD. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and went on to pursue a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. With over 26 years of experience in social work and mental health, Katie has a passion for addiction treatment and helping others.

In December 2022, Katie joined Avenues Recovery Center to lead the clinical team. Her vast clinical expertise and guidance enable her to provide the best possible treatment and outcomes for clients. Katie believes in proper diagnosis and treatment as the foundation for success in recovery, and she brings a unique perspective to addiction treatment.

Outside of work, Katie is a family-oriented person with five children and one grandchild on the way. She lives in Calvert County with her two dogs and enjoys traveling, skiing, relaxing at the beach, and baking desserts in her free time.

Ruthie Jackson

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Ruthie Jackson is a dedicated addiction treatment professional originally from St. Marys. She has a BA in Psychology from Salisbury University and a BA in Art from Catholic University. Ruthie expanded her knowledge of the field by achieving her Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, as she found many of her clients in Mental Health were dually diagnosed. Although she did not expect to work directly in addiction treatment, she was offered a part-time position and has never looked back. Ruthie loves her job at Avenues and is grateful that life guided her in this direction.

In her personal life, Ruthie believes that family is everything. She spends all of her free time with her husband and son, traveling and experiencing new adventures together. Ruthie knows that life is short, and she treasures every precious moment.

Barry Moomau

Administrative Assistant
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Barry Moomou hails from Harrisonburg, VA, and pursued his education in Murfreesboro, NC. Though he did not follow a traditional academic path, his experiences in the Marine Corps and the Metropolitan Police Department have equipped him with a unique set of skills and perspectives.

After retiring, Barry discovered his true calling in addiction treatment. With a history of addiction in his family, he has witnessed the transformative power of recovery firsthand. This personal connection drives his passion for helping others on their recovery journeys.

Barry is a proud single father of a son and a daughter. Over the past 17 years, his career in addiction treatment has afforded him the flexibility to be present in his children's lives. He has watched them play sports, coached their teams, and participated actively in their upbringing. Barry is genuinely grateful for the balance he has been able to maintain between his professional and personal life.

Lori Sacks

Administrative Assistant
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Lori Sacks hails from Syosset, NY, and attended Ithaca College, where she earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. After a distinguished 31-year career as a music teacher, Lori continued to share her love of music through music ministry on the Worship team at a large church. As she approached her final working years before full retirement, she sought a fulfilling role in the Admin field and found it at Avenues through Indeed.

Lori's responsibilities at Avenues encompass Purchasing and HR, and she has discovered a deep passion for the community and mission of Avenues. This new chapter in her career has been incredibly positive and rewarding.

Lori is married to a wonderful social worker husband , and they have two grown sons. One of her sons works for the brand-new Avenues in Baton Rouge! In her free time, Lori enjoys being a soccer mom, and she's still trying to figure out what "off-sides" means .

Meghan McCullum BS, ADT

Administrative Assistant
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Meghan McCullum hails from Saint Leonard and pursued her higher education at Liberty University, earning a B.S. in Religion and Christian Counseling, as well as an ADT. She is currently working towards her CSC-AD certification.

Meghan chose a career in addiction treatment because she recognizes that addiction is a pandemic that transcends religion, class, and race. Her passion lies in being part of a team that brings hope and healing to those who are suffering.

In her personal life, Meghan enjoys kayaking, fishing, reading, and spending quality time with her husband and church family. These activities bring her joy and balance, complementing her dedication to her professional work.

Sarah Harrington

Administrative Assistant
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Sarah Harrington hails from Huntingtown, MD. Although she hasn't pursued any formal degrees, she is considering furthering her education with an ADT in the future. Sarah is known for her patience and empathy, qualities that shine through in her work helping people. She finds real inspiration in witnessing the transformations of those she assists.

Sarah is also a devoted mother to two wonderful teenage daughters. Together, they enjoy spending time at the beach, visiting amusement parks, and having movie nights. These cherished family moments bring joy and balance to her life.

Hayley Bimson

Administrative Assistant
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Hayley Bimson is from Lexington Park, MD, and serves as an administrative assistant at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. She attended the College of Southern Maryland. Although she is unsure about pursuing further education, Hayley finds great joy in helping people and witnessing the progress of everyone’s work. She loves being able to provide a listening ear for clients, and knowing that her support has made a difference.

In her personal life, Hayley is the youngest of three siblings, with an older brother and sister. She has a daughter and enjoys coaching and cheerleading on the side when she is not working.

Brent Thompson

BHT Supervisor
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Brent Thompson serves as a Behavioral Health Technician Supervisor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. Originally from Erie, PA, he earned his bachelor's degree in psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He currently holds an ADT trainee status and aspires to obtain a CAC-AD.

Brent chose the field of addiction treatment with the goal of saving lives. He brings a unique perspective to his work by utilizing motivational interviewing techniques to encourage the best outcomes, always focusing on the positives.

In his personal life, Brent is a proud father of two energetic boys and has been happily married for nearly two years. He is a football fanatic who enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, and traveling.

Kathryn Oresik RN

Nurse Manager

Tamia Musgrave, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-B, CARN-AP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
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Tamia Musgrave, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-B, CARN-AP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, has over 27 years of clinical experience in the healthcare industry. As a dual-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner (PMHNP-BC) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C), she utilizes a patient-centered approach in treating individuals and families. Her mission is to motivate and empower people to reach their optimal health and wellness through an individualized, holistic plan; addressing both the behavioral and physical health needs of her patients.

As a certified addiction specialist, Tamia is dedicated to helping people recover from substance abuse by utilizing medication assisted therapy, like Suboxone and similar medications, in combination with counseling.

Tamia believes that good mental health strengthens the ability of our clients to cope with daily life circumstances or issues. Tamia is committed to helping our clients with their behavioral health concerns so they may create a new path to the life they desire. 

Catherine Costantino CRNP

Nurse Practitioner
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Catherine Costantino, CRNP, is a nurse practitioner at Avenues Recovery Center at Lake Ariel. Originally from La Plata, MD, She attended Ohio State University, where she earned her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Currently, she is pursuing a post-master certificate in psychiatric/mental health.

Catherine's career in addiction treatment began serendipitously when a recruiter discovered her resume and reached out. Since then, she has developed a passion for the field and has been actively employed in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment for 6.5 years.

On the personal side, Catherine has three adult or nearly adult children, three cats, and a dog. She loves to travel as often as she can, embracing new experiences and adventures.

Travis Roberts, NP

Nurse Practitioner
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Travis Roberts is a Nurse Practitioner from LaPlata, MD. He went to Regis Catholic University and achieved a Master’s of Science in Nursing. He is board certified in family medicine and psychiatry. He is currently working on furthering his credentials or education. He chose this career and his passion for addiction treatment because he believes in a holistic approach to recovery. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, gardening, and related outdoor activities with his wife and four children.

Brandi Keen, CSC, AD

Primary Counselor
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Brandi Keen is a compassionate counselor from Dundalk, MD. She attended Anne Arundel Community College and earned degrees in Human Services and Addiction Counseling. Brandi is currently working towards her LCPC credential to further her education and expertise in the field.

Brandi’s personal experience with addiction and loss has fueled her passion for helping others struggling with addiction. Her unique perspective and approach to addiction treatment is person-centered, providing unconditional positive regard for each client. She understands that addiction is a disease and requires personalized care and attention for successful recovery.

Outside of work, Brandi enjoys living on a small farm in Lusby, which is a lifelong dream come true. She is a mother of two, with a newborn baby and an 11-year-old son. In her free time, Brandi enjoys spending time with her family and pets, and exploring new hobbies.

Danielle Murphy, CSC-AD

Primary Counselor
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Danielle Murphy is a Primary Counselor at Avenues. She is from Prince Frederick and went to AACC. She has achieved her Associates degree and is currently working on furthering her credentials towards her bachelors. Danielle chose this career because she was an addict and had been in and out of treatment. Her last treatment center was Avenues, where she gained her life back with the help of an amazing counselor. Danielle wants to give back to someone what her counselor gave to her. She is unique in her role at Avenues because she has been through it and knows what it feels like to want to die because you can’t get clean and to want to use. Danielle has a 15 year old son, has been sober for little over 4 years, loves to dance, has 2 awesome dogs, and loves to travel. Her favorite thing is Mickey Mouse.

Andrea Hawkins ADT

Primary Counselor
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Andrea Hawkins is a compassionate addiction treatment professional originally from Prince Frederick. She holds an Associate degree in Human Services from the College of Southern Maryland and is currently working towards furthering her education in the field.

Andrea chose this career path because she has witnessed the devastating impact of addiction on her extended family, friends, and loved ones. Her personal experiences have fueled her passion to make a difference and help those who are struggling with addiction.

In her personal life, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, including her two children. She loves the beach and has a passion for traveling and exploring new places. Her dedication to helping others and love for life make her an asset to the addiction treatment field.

Danell Johnson, ADT

Primary Counselor
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Danell Johnson serves as a primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. Hailing from Washington, D.C., he has earned a B.S. in Mass Communications with a focus on TV and Radio Production from Towson University, and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling.

Danell has a passion for helping people and excels at using his communication skills to convey vital information. Before embarking on his journey in addictions counseling, he lived and worked in Japan as an ESL teacher, teaching over 5,000 individuals from over 50 countries, ranging in ages from 3 to 95 years old. He spent over 20 years teaching academic and life skills to adults, and later social studies to elementary and middle school students. Seeking a career change, he felt guided by his higher power to transition into addictions counseling. Danell finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the transformative impact of his work on individuals' lives.

In his personal life, Danell is married and has one son. He enjoys cooking and spending time in nature. 

Marion Coletrain MA, CAC-AD

Program Director
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Marion Coletrain hails from Long Island, NY, where he nurtured his passion for addiction treatment. His educational journey led him to various prestigious institutions, including Boston University, where he earned his Bachelor's degree, and Webster University, where he achieved a Master's degree. Currently, he is diligently working on his dissertation at the University of Phoenix, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to furthering his education.

Marion's impressive list of degrees is complemented by his recent achievement of becoming an approved supervisor with Alcohol and Drug Certification in April 2023.

His career choice is driven by a profound desire to advocate for those who are often overlooked—the "lost, the least, and the left out." Marion's unique perspective on addiction treatment recognizes it as a complex biopsychosocial disease, encompassing mental, physical, social and emotional dimensions.

Outside his professional pursuits, Marion takes pride in being a loving father to two remarkable children. He is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, spending his time working out and in the gym. As a vegan, he is passionate about ethical dietary choices. His love for animals, particularly dogs, shines through in his deep affection for pets. Marion's multifaceted approach to life reflects his commitment to personal well-being, family, and his dedication to advocating for individuals impacted by addiction.

Mary LaBorie LMSW

Program Director
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Mary Laborie hails from Rochester, New York, and serves as the clinical program director at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. She pursued her education in social work at Robert Wesleyan College and the University of Mary, where she earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work.

Mary is deeply passionate about addiction treatment and approaches her work with the philosophy of treating every individual as she would her own family. This compassionate and personalized approach has been central to her practice.

In her personal life, Mary has two adult children with whom she loves spending time. She enjoys riding her bike to the beach, trying new recipes, exploring new restaurants, and renovating her cozy beachside house. Mary loves spending time with her beagle, Ringo.

Jamel Garrett ADT

Primary Counselor
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Jamel Garrett, a native of Clayton, NC, is on a mission to make a positive impact through his career in mental health services. He acquired an Associates in Applied Science in Mental Health Services and holds certifications as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (2013) and Maryland Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, in addition to being a Maryland ADT.

Jamel's dedication to his field extends to his ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Currently, he is in the midst of a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at Walden University, demonstrating his commitment to furthering his credentials and expanding his expertise.

His career path was shaped by a profound realization during his deployment to Iraq in 2008, where he discovered his passion for assisting others through their struggles. This revelation led him to transition from Security Forces to Mental Health Services. In 2014, after becoming a certified counselor, he was stationed at the DoD prison in Charleston, SC, solidifying his desire to continue this work beyond his military retirement. Having witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of untreated mental health issues and addictions on both his career and his family, Jamel is determined to contribute to the healing process.

In his personal life, Jamel is a proud husband and father to two children. His two-decade-long career in the Air Force has instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and dedication. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds enjoyment in basketball, reading, and the enriching experiences of travel. Jamel's multifaceted life reflects his commitment to his family, his country, and his enduring passion for helping others find healing and hope.

Anela Yusuf CAC-AD

Primary Counselor
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Anela Yusuf is a primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. Hailing from Largo, MD, she began her educational journey at the College of Southern Maryland and currently attends Salisbury University. She holds a Mental Health Technician Certificate and a Human Services Associate Degree, and is now working towards her CAC-AD and Master's in Social Work.

Anela chose to work in addiction treatment because she knows what it feels like to be on the other side. She understands the profound impact of addiction, stripping away everything from material possessions to relationships. Her personal experience with addiction drives her to help others out of that darkness. She employs motivational interviewing and DBT as her main approaches to addiction treatment, striving daily to pull people into the light and show them the potential for a fulfilling life.

Anela is one of eight children and has two dogs, Simba and Snow. A talented lacrosse player, she was nationally ranked for defense in Maryland. Though her addiction prevented her from playing at the Division 1 level, her experiences have shaped her dedication to helping others overcome their struggles.

Marc Becker, ADT

Primary Counselor
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Marc Becker serves as a primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick.  Hailing from Kensington, Maryland, he is enrolled in Arizona State University and nearing the completion of his B.S. in Counseling and Applied Psychological Science with a focus on Substance Abuse and Addictions. He holds an ADT (Alcohol and Drug Trainee) status from Maryland.

Marc’s journey into the field of addiction counseling began after a successful career in the arts as a photographer and photojournalist. His personal experience as a peer in lifelong recovery inspired him to return to school to study the brain and addiction, driven by a desire to help others still struggling with addiction. Marc believes in an integrated approach, treating each person as an individual who needs a unique solution to find their path forward.

Marc shares his life with his best friend and wife, Gina. They recently moved to Maryland to be close to their children and grandchildren. Together, they have two Australian Shepherds, Izzy and Rosie, and enjoy spending time outdoors. Marc remains an avid photo enthusiast, with a particular passion for landscape photography.

Jerone Woodard, ADT

Primary Counselor
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Jerone Woodard hails from Waldorf, Maryland, and works as a primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. He earned an Associate of Applied Science in Human Service Counseling from the Community College of Baltimore County, and is currently preparing to take the test for Certified Supervised Counselor (CSC) status. Jerone will be starting classes in August to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Human Service Counseling at Walden University.

Jerone’s passion for addiction treatment stems from personal experiences. Having lost family members to substance abuse and struggled with dependence himself, he chose this career to be part of the solution. Jerone believes in addressing addiction through empathy and understanding, drawing from his own journey to help others.

On a personal note, Jerone has been married for nine years and has two stepchildren. He enjoys playing basketball, running, and constantly seeking new knowledge.
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This program is for individuals who require medical detox before beginning their recovery journey.


Our inpatient treatment program offers a safe, structured environment for you to heal and rebuild.


Our outpatient rehab program provides weekly therapy sessions for post-treatment individuals.


Our alumni program is a warm sober support network - part emotional support, part family, part party.


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Anthem BlueCross
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Kaiser Permanente
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Maryland Medicaid- Optum
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