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What is an alcohol detox center?

The first step to long-term sobriety and the life you want is a detox — complete withdrawal from alcohol. However, stopping cold turkey on your own can be dangerous. It needs professional medical supervision. 

That’s where Avenues Alcohol Detox Facility comes in: it’s a safe, beautiful center with excellent medical providers and high clinical standards. Here, our team will help you withdraw from alcohol safely and comfortably, easing withdrawal symptoms and helping you transition to a post-detox treatment program, if you desire.

You may need alcohol detox if…

  • You have physical symptoms when you try to cut down or stop, like nausea, headaches, increased heart rate, or tremors.
  • You have difficulty eating or sleeping.
  • You experience anxiety, irritability, or restlessness when you try to stop.
  • You have blackouts or an inability to recall events when drinking.

What does a good alcohol detox program look like?

24/7 Service

Intake can happen any day, at any time. Whenever you’re ready, Avenues is here.

Alcohol Detox Experts

A team of warm, highly skilled detox clinicians and support staff are always at your side.

Safety + Risk Assessment

A comprehensive pre-detox will ensure you’re safe to start; we’ll keep checking in as you go.

Symptom Management

Discomfort alleviation like anti-anxiety & pain medication will be administered during detox.

Program Transition

We’ll help you transition to a post-detox inpatient treatment program to continue recovery.

Success Rate

92% of alumni are sober a year after discharge when they follow our program all the way through.

Cutting alcohol out is hard.
Avenues makes it easier.

Giving you a soothing, supportive experience is first, last and everything to us. 
Here’s what people have to say:

What happens after Detox

Drug detox — removing toxins from your system — is the first step to recovery from addiction. But what does the rest of your journey looks like at Avenues?

Residential Treatment

Our inpatient residential rehab treatment is a beautiful & safe healing environment.

Outpatient Treatment

Where you’ll gradually integrate back into your real life with confidence and grace.

Alumni Program

A sober social network – it’s part emotional support, part friends, part family.

You probably have questions, like:

How long are most alcohol detox programs?

Although programs lengths vary, most alcohol detox center programs will last around one week (or a bit more) in order to ensure that your system is fully cleansed. It can take anywhere from three to ten days for your body to completely flush itself of alcohol and its toxins.

How much does alcohol detox cost?

The cost of an alcohol detox program will depend on the specific facility. It is useful to note that substance use disorder is classified as a health condition, so almost all insurance policies will cover alcohol detox programs. If you’re not covered by insurance, you’re welcome to reach out to our admissions team for a free cost estimate.

Is alcohol detox the same as other types of detoxes?

No. Alcohol detox is unique because alcohol is a depressant, and suddenly stopping all alcohol intake can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms like seizures and even delirium tremens – a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. Although other types of detoxes can possibly be done safely at home, alcohol detox must always be done under the care of skilled medical professionals.

What’s the difference between residential and outpatient alcohol detox?

Residential alcohol detox involves moving into an alcohol detox facility for the full duration of detox treatment – usually a week or so. Outpatient alcohol detox means that patients go into the detox center for treatment by day, but return home at night. However, residential detox is usually a safer and more effective route.

Can you detox from alcohol at home?

Although detoxing by yourself is never advisable, detoxing from alcohol at home can be particularly dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal comes along with severe and even life-threatening symptoms, which can result in serious health conditions and even death if not handled in a proper and timely manner. Inpatient alcohol detox is always the safest and wisest way to get clean.

Can you die from alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens; trying to detox from alcohol alone at home can result in severe complications, and even death. But when handled properly, beneath the care and supervision of trained medical personnel, alcohol detox can be a safe and nearly painless experience.

What’s the best way to detox from alcohol?

It’s been proven that the most safe, effective, and painless way to detox from alcohol is by going to an inpatient alcohol detox facility. Because you are under constant medical supervision, doctors and nurses will ensure that you’re kept 100% safe and comfortable the entire time. (Plus, residential detox is proven to increase chances of long-term recovery too!)

Is alcohol detox painful?

Alcohol detox can cause some strong and painful withdrawal symptoms – like rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, sweating, fever, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, depression and anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Medical alcohol detox under the care of trained medical staff at a reputable alcohol detox center can be easy and almost pain-free, thanks to the many medications and techniques available to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Is relapse possible after alcohol detox?

Unfortunately, relapse is always possible; recovery is a lifelong process! But there are steps you can take to reduce the risk. One great way to cement your recovery is by entering residential alcohol rehab after detox. Residential treatment will give you a solid foundation and the tools needed to build a new life of sustained sobriety.

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