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Recovering Philadelphia Business Owner Sells Restaurant; Joins Avenues

After celebrating his achievement of 10 years clean, restauranteur Anastasio “Stas” Botsaris sells his BBQ restaurant and joins Avenues Recovery as a full-time outreach coordinator. His story offers hope to those just beginning their path to recovery and a lesson to all that there is a wonderful life after addiction. According to, Botsaris previously … Continued

Intensive Outpatient Program Pennsylvania Substance Abuse

An intensive outpatient program for substance abuse treatment offers healing and specialized care to meet individual recovery and scheduling needs of those in recovery and their loved ones. Overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs can be challenging. While there are numerous methods available, there are some strategies that work better than others when it comes … Continued

Top 5 Reasons Why Addicts Refuse Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism comes about when someone has gone past the point of binge drinking and has fallen into a pattern of reliance on alcohol. It starts off slowly with a few drinks until it gets to a point where you cannot concentrate on anything without getting a shot of an alcoholic drink to get the high … Continued

What Drug Addiction Treatments Options Are Available?

Drug addiction is a serious condition, and it is considered a chronic disease. It is characterized by uncontrollable or compulsive, drug using and seeking, irrespective of the consequences, which can be harmful in the long-term. Drug use can bring about chemical changes in the brain, which will lead to serious consequences for drug users. Drug … Continued

Finding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Unwinding with a bottle of an alcoholic drink after a long and hectic day at work is extremely common in many parts of the world. While this might have therapeutic effects on some people in moderation, excessive consumption leads to a plethora of health conditions along with a severe inability to discipline the drinking habit. … Continued