A Cake and a Letter

Steven Weldler
Apr 15, 2021

It was a plain piece of lined paper, strangely yellowed, with a flowing graceful cursive.

It accompanied a cake.

A rather bright cake.

Actually, the cake was rather typical, the brightness was from the floral bouquet of fruit laid lovingly on top.

But the cake barely mattered, nor the note. It was the gesture. The gesture of a person conveying appreciation. A person who has been giving a new lease on a life that was slipping away through the pain of addiction.

We are all in this industry to help people navigate their struggles, and when a simple gesture of thank you arrives from someone who has accomplished that, it touches us more than our own clients can ever know.

Thank you Danny, we love you, we support you, and we are deeply proud of you.

*Shared with permission

Director of Online Marketing for Avenues Recovery, Steven thinks marketing should be used for good. Like helping people solve their addiction and get back their life.

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