Holiday Sobriety Self-Assessment Quiz

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The holidays are a time of fun, frivolity, and festive celebration – celebration that can turn excessive, especially for those in recovery from substance use disorder.

To help you monitor yourself and your recovery work during the holiday season, we’ve created a short self-assessment quiz so you can see where you’re holding. If you ace it, then pat yourself on the back for the amazing job you’re doing! If your score is not great, it might be wise to think about how you can up your game and better prepare yourself for challenges that may arise.

Answer each of the questions below as well as you can, and then calculate your score based on the code at the end.

Happy quizzing!

  1. Have you taken a moment to reflect on how you managed your sobriety during past holiday seasons? Have you reviewed the tips and tricks that worked for you in the past?
  • A. Yes, regularly
  • B. Yes, once or twice
  • C. Not at all


2. How prepared do you feel to handle social events and potential triggers during holiday gatherings? Do you have a clear plan of action in place?

  • A. Very prepared; I have a plan in place
  • B. Somewhat prepared, but still a bit nervous and uncertain
  • C. Not prepared; feeling very anxious about potential triggers


3. How connected do you feel to your support system (Sponsor, friends, sober peers, recovery group)? Do you feel comfortable reaching out during the holidays if you need help?

  • A. Very connected; consistently and actively reaching out
  • B. Somewhat connected and involved, but could improve
  • C. Disconnected; really need more support


4. How well are you managing stress during the holiday season without turning to substances? Do you have healthy coping mechanisms?

  • A. Effectively using healthy coping mechanisms
  • B. Struggling at times
  • C. Overwhelmed; seeking unhealthy coping mechanisms


5. Have you set clear boundaries with family or friends regarding your sobriety during holiday celebrations? Are they aware of your needs and limits?

  • A. Yes, and they are respectful of them
  • B. Partially; some boundaries may be unclear
  • C. No; struggling to communicate boundaries


6. How often do you practice mindfulness or reflection in order to remain present and aware of your emotions? Do you ever meditate?

  • A. Daily
  • B. Occasionally
  • C. Rarely


7. Are you planning to celebrate and acknowledge your recovery milestones during the holiday season?

  • A. Absolutely, it’s a priority
  • B. Maybe; I’ve thought about it
  • C. No; didn’t consider celebrating milestones


  • Do you have an emergency plan in place in case you find yourself in a challenging situation during the holidays?
  • A. Yes, I have a clear plan with specific steps
  • B. Somewhat, needs some refinement
  • C. No; I haven’t thought about it



  • Mostly A’s: You are actively prioritizing your sobriety and have a strong relapse-prevention plan in place. Good for you!
  • Mix of A’s and B’s: You are making definite efforts to be prepared, but there may be areas to improve or refine.
  • Mostly B’s or C’s: Consider reviewing your strategies, forming a clear plan, and seeking additional support to enhance your holiday sobriety. You won’t regret it!


Remember, the holidays are a beautiful time of camaraderie and connection with family and friends. Celebrating the holidays sober helps us approach each moment with an open heart and mind, and remain aware of and grateful for the many gifts that we have – family, friends, joy, hope, and bounty.

Staying sober through each festival may be a stretch of our inner muscles, but there’s nothing more worthwhile in the world! If you’re struggling to hold on to your recovery during the holiday season, are worried about triggering situations, or feel that you could do with a little bit more support, reach out to Avenues Recovery Center to speak to a trained addiction treatment specialist. Our representative’s are on-call 24/7, and available to assist you whenever you may need!

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