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Steven Tyler, the 75-year-old lead singer of Aerosmith, is no stranger to the world of drug addiction. Having been in-and-out rehab throughout the years, with clean periods being followed by ones of relapse, the rock singer most recently relapsed in 2022, following surgery on his foot. 

Is Steven Tyler In Rehab Now?

Steven Tyler is currently in rehab. In a statement to the public [1], his bandmates explained that he “voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery.” In this article, we will take a look at Tyler’s background with drug addiction, his most recent relapse as well as his rehab treatment. 

Steven Tyler and Drugs

Steven Tyler’s struggle with drugs began when he first experimented with alcohol and drugs as a teen. In a 2012 interview with Oprah, Tyler explained, “If you didn’t take LSD in high school, you weren’t cool. So we took acid and walked up to the top of Mount Sunapee.” Peer pressure is a large factor that influences many young people to take drugs. The need to fit in with one’s peer group and do what they’re doing can lead one to experiment at a young age. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [2] reports that “Early (aged 12 to 14) to late (aged 15 to 17) adolescence is generally regarded as a critical risk period for the initiation of alcohol use.” Studies have shown a clear correlation between age at first alcohol use and the occurrence of alcohol abuse or dependence later in life. Thus, the earlier in life one starts experimenting with drugs, the more vulnerable they can be to addiction in adulthood. Peer pressure was one of the beginning factors that took a toll on Steven Tyler’s health.

Why Do People Turn To Drugs?

There are various reasons why people turn to drugs, but a question that Oprah poses to Tyler in the interview gives us an insight into his motivation. She asked: 

Oprah: ‘What did drugs do for you that fame and money and adoration couldn’t?’

To which he answered:

Steven: ‘They made me feel like a rock star before I was one. Because I thought that’s what rock stars did—fake it till you make it’.

One of the reasons people turn to drugs is to give them a perception of themselves that they don’t have. While in reality, a person could be suffering from low-self esteem, using drugs can give a person that feeling of confidence and self-worth that they are so sorely lacking. Getting high can completely transform a person’s self-identity. In a 2019 interview with GQ, Tyler explained that using drugs made him feel like a “super-being.” The feelings of euphoria and being on top of the world are commonly given when addicts explain what attracted them to drugs. This is one of the reasons for the numerous incidences of celebrities dying of overdose.

Steven Tyler’s Relapse

In 1986, Steven undertook a rehab treatment that allowed him to stay clean for 12 years. He relapsed after getting hooked on prescription painkillers. Since then, Tyler has been in and out of rehab innumerable times. This past year, Steven Tyler’s health was in danger, as he relapsed yet again.

What Did Steven Tyler Relapse On?

 In 2022, Tyler had to undergo foot surgery, and the necessity of pain management during the process caused him to relapse once more,  this time on prescription drugs.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that in the short term, prescription opioids can make people feel happy and relaxed, there are many harmful long-term consequences from overdosing on such drugs, including drowsiness, confusion, nausea, constipation, and slowed breathing. Opting for the short-term benefits of misusing prescription drugs can put one’s long-term health at dire risk.

There are many myths about addiction out there, and one very common one is that if a drug is legal and can be obtained with a prescription, as opposed to an illegal drug that is trafficked on the black market, then that must mean that it is safe and doesn’t post any dangers to one’s health. The misunderstanding here lies in the fact that while such drugs are safe when used correctly, prescription drug abuse (PDA) occurs when drugs are used in ways other than prescribed. This can include snorting or injecting the drug or using it more frequently than it is intended to be used.

Steven Tyler’s Rehab Treatment

Tyler attributes his road to recovery to his fellow bandmates, who gave him an ultimatum – get clean or leave the band. He noted the irony in this, seeing that they were doing drugs themselves, but nevertheless is grateful that they intervened to set him on the right path. Often, individuals going through addiction are so blinded by their dependency on and craving for drugs that they’re unable to see the reality for what it is. Friends and loved ones can not only help an addict begin on the road to recovery, but, in many situations, their intervention at the right time can also save the addict’s life.

In his Oprah interview, when speaking about treatment, Steven said as follows:

I just have to keep it honest and open. ‘Cause I do feel like doing things I used to do. It’s called euphoric recall. I’ve got to be careful with that. But I’m so locked and loaded right now in AA and my 12-step program that I’m good.’

What encouragement would Tyler give to those seeking sobriety? To be honest and open with oneself. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re at a stage on the recovery journey that you haven’t reached yet. When speaking about forgiveness, Tyler described it as “the answer to every problem anyone has.” Forgiving oneself for past behaviors and mistakes can feel like a weight lifted off of one’s shoulders. It allows people to separate themselves from guilt and shame, enabling them to move forward in life and not be stuck in the past. 

There are a variety of treatment options for those recovering from drugs. Tyler undertook a 12-step program and explained that one of its advantages is its worldwide renown. In his GQ interview, he explained, “I can be in Afghanistan, I can be in Japan, and go to a meeting and the room is full of alcoholics and people that did drugs like I did.” Being surrounded by other people who have gone through the same thing means that a person can park their feelings of embarrassment at the door. Being in a group setting allows a person to be around others who all want and are working toward the same thing. 

Getting Help

Tyler explained that “What happens with using is: It works in the beginning, but it doesn’t work in the end. It takes you down. There’s nothing but jail, insanity, or death.” If you are going through the throes of drug addiction or know a loved one who is, don’t hesitate to contact Avenues Recovery. Working with you, we can help you stop the addiction in its tracks before things descend into chaos. Our recovery program will help you work through your addiction, guided by a team of professionals, allowing you to achieve a life free of addiction.




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