Covid-19 Updates & Protocols

The Avenues Promise


Understandably, in the past months the country’s primary focus and resources have been deployed in the battle against Covid-19. An opioid epidemic that continues to kill Americans at devastating rates has been shifted to the sidelines. Coronavirus has not eliminated our nation’s addiction crisis, and those suffering cannot be forgotten.

The choice to seek treatment is to be admired, especially during this unprecedented period of confusion and fear.

At Avenues Recovery, we have not abandoned our posts. We remain at the forefront of the fight for recovery. We promise to overcome any adversity, we promise to meet all challenges, and we promise to be there for each member of the Avenues Recovery Community.

We are committed to achieving this without compromising on health and safety. The wellbeing of our staff and clients, both physically and emotionally, remain our absolute highest priority.

Measures we are taking

Avenues is an essential health care service and we are committed to remaining open throughout this crisis. Our facilities are taking every possible precaution to maintain and protect the health of our clients and staff.

Please contact an Avenues location for the facility specific protocols they have in place.

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