Mardi Gras Sober Safe Spot 2023


Join the Avenues Recovery

#SoberSafeSpot at the parades.

Look for the white flag!

Celebrate the joy and culture of Mardi Gras while staying committed to sobriety! The brainchild of Avenues Recovery alumni,  Sober Safe Spot is a place to fully join in the revelry of Mardi Gras in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with like- minded members of the recovery community, their families,  and friends. 

The sober safe spot is strategically placed along the parade route in New Orleans and in Metairie from Feb. 10 through Feb. 21. Everyone in or supporting recovery is welcome! 

Participants must arrive sober and must have fun!

Uptown – New Orleans
Find us at the corner of Napolean & St. Charles

Feb 106:00 p.m.Krewe of Oshun
Feb 10FollowsKrewe of Cleopatra
Feb 10FollowsKrewe of Alla
Feb 1111:30 a.m.Legion of Mars
Feb 111:00 p.m.Krewe of Ponchartrain
Feb 11FollowsKrewe of Choctaw
Feb 11FollowsKrewe of Freret
Feb 115:30 p.m.Knights of Sparta
Feb 11FollowsKrewe of Pygmalion
Feb 1211:00 a.m.The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale
Feb 12FollowsKrewe of Carrollton
Feb 12FollowsKrewe of King Arthur
Feb 156:15 p.m.Krewe of Druids
Feb 156:45 p.m.Krewe of Nyx
Feb 165:30 p.m.Krewe of Babylon
Feb 16FollowsKrewe of Chaos
Feb 16FollowsKrewe of Muses
Feb 175:30 p.m.Krewe of Hermes
Feb 176:30 p.m.Krewe d’Etat
Feb 177:00 p.m.Krewe of Morpheus
Feb 1811:00 a.m.Krewe of Iris
Feb 1812:00 p.m.Krewe of Tucks
Feb 1911:00 a.m.Krewe of Okeanos
Feb 19FollowsKrewe of Mid-City
Feb 1912:00 p.m.Krewe of Thoth
Feb 195:15 p.m.Krewe of Bacchus
Feb 205:15 p.m.Krewe of Poteus
Feb 206:00 p.m.Krewe of Orpheus
Feb 2110:30 a.m.Krewe of Elks Orleans
Feb 2111:00 a.m.Krewe of Rex
Feb 21FollowsKrewe of Crescent City

Jefferson Parish – Metairie
Find us at the corner of Causeway & Veterans

Feb 106:30 p.m.Krewe of Excalibur
Feb 10FollowsKrewe of Symphony
Feb 115:00 p.m.Magical Krewe of Mad Hatters
Feb 195:00 p.m.Krewe of Athena
Feb 19FollowsKrewe of Atlas
Feb 206:30 p.m.Krewe of Centurions
Feb 2110:00 a.m.Krewe of Argus
Feb 21FollowsKrewe of Elks Jefferson
Feb 21FollowsKrewe of Jefferson

Since 1699, when French explorers arrived in Louisiana, Mardi Gras has been celebrated in New Orleans and its environs. In the 1830’s the parades and carnival atmosphere began in earnest. During its long history, it has become synonymous with overindulgence in general, and of course, booze. It can get wild out there, and alcohol is everywhere.

So, do people in recovery have to avoid the festivities while everyone is out enjoying themselves? Should they lock themselves in their homes until the revelry passes?

Is there a way for people in recovery to partake in the awesome parts of this centuries old tradition? Can our community of heroes have fun too?

Reserve Your Spot


After an overwhelming positive response to last year’s event, Avenues Recovery Sober Safe Spot is back! Join the Avenues recovery family for their annual Sober Safe Spot celebrating an alcohol and drug free Mardi Gras. Our sober safe spot, stationed at a prime location along the parade route, will be hopping with joy. Look for the big white flag, surrender to a higher power, and have fun with people who know just how you are feeling.

The best part of this? This project is spearheaded by our very own alumni! They show the world every day, that recovery is possible, recovery is beautiful, and recovery is fun! And like last year, this Mardi Gras they want to show it to you in New Orleans . So, on parade day this year, look out for the people that make up the Avenues Family. They are changing the landscape, one heart at a time.

Our staff will handing out the swag you absolutely must have. Proudly declare your commitment to sobriety and your commitment to a grand old time without the need for a drink.

Join us!

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