Primary Counselor

Alexandra Farrell-Poley

Alexandra Farrell-Poley, hailing from Horsham, PA, is a dedicated professional who has made a profound commitment to the field of social work. She embarked on her educational journey at Monmouth University, where she pursued both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, earning both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work. Her impressive academic journey also led her to achieve her Licensed Social Worker (LSW) credential.

Driven by a passion for helping others and a genuine desire to assist individuals in achieving their goals and making positive changes in their lives, Alexandra's career focus is deeply rooted in addiction treatment and recovery. Her dedication to standing by individuals and fighting alongside them against the challenges of addiction is not only a professional calling but also a deeply personal mission, enriched by her professional education and personal experiences.

In her leisure time, Alexandra thrives on enriching her life with experiences near and far. She relishes spending quality moments with friends and family, cherishing the bonds that bring joy and fulfillment. Her love for travel takes her to both familiar and unexplored destinations, with Germany in 2022 and an upcoming Caribbean cruise in November marking her recent and future adventures. Additionally, Alexandra's avid passion for reading transcends her profession, as she eagerly delves into books of all genres, always open to new and intriguing recommendations.

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