Primary Counselor

Brad Snider

Brad has worked as an addiction counselor for over two decades. In that time, he has changed countless lives and supported an untold number of recovery journeys. Although Brad originally intended to move on to other areas of mental health counseling, he has found his work in substance use disorders so rewarding that he just can’t leave it.  

Brad still draws inspiration from a card he received years ago from the mother of a client, thanking him “for giving my son back.”  He is driven by the idea that each individual life positively impacted by recovery impacts an entire family for the better.  

He is known for the ubiquitous Hawaiian shirts he wears to work every day. To Brad, Aloha and Malāma means love, respect, and reverence for each person.  

 “Every morning, I wrap myself in a shirt that represents love, to remind me not to personalize the resistance I encounter from people who are feeling down, afraid, or even hopeless.  I do it to remind myself to show them Aloha.”  

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