Clinical Director

Charice Putnam

Charice Putnam is the Clinical Director of Avenues Recovery Center at Denver, and is originally from Springville, NY.

Charice's academic journey began at SUNY Brockport, where she pursued a dual major in Psychology and Health Science with a concentration in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Studies. Building upon her passion for helping others, she continued her education at North Carolina State University, earning a Master's degree in Social Work. Currently, she is working towards her LAC. 

Charice's personal experiences with loved ones who battled addiction inspired her to pursue a career in this field. In a world where many may turn their backs on those affected by addiction, she finds fulfillment in offering support, community, and recovery. She believes deeply in restoring dignity and respect to individuals grappling with addiction.

Outside of work, Charice embraces the great outdoors, finding joy in snowboarding, climbing, and hiking. An avid music enthusiast, she loves attending live concerts and cheering on her favorite sports team, the Buffalo Bills.



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