Primary Therapist

Cristi Brown

Cristi Brown has a B.A. in Behavioral Health and has worked as a primary therapist in the field of addiction for the past eight years. She specializes in working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and trauma. Throughout her years of experience working in the mental health field, she's learned that the need for help comes in all shapes and forms. Cristi feels honored to walk along the the path of recovery with her clients and assist them in becoming to the best and healthiest versions of themselves. She takes a diverse therapeutic approach in her work, incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused care, motivational interviewing (MI), and psychodynamics. It is Cristi's fervent hope that the individuals she works with not only find inner peace, but revel in the fact that all their dreams and goals are attainable. She is there to assist them in transforming their lives with purpose!

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