Primary Counselor

Danielle Murphy, CSC-AD

Danielle Murphy is a Primary Counselor at Avenues. She is from Prince Frederick and went to AACC. She has achieved her Associates degree and is currently working on furthering her credentials towards her bachelors. Danielle chose this career because she was an addict and had been in and out of treatment. Her last treatment center was Avenues, where she gained her life back with the help of an amazing counselor. Danielle wants to give back to someone what her counselor gave to her. She is unique in her role at Avenues because she has been through it and knows what it feels like to want to die because you can’t get clean and to want to use. Danielle has a 15 year old son, has been sober for little over 4 years, loves to dance, has 2 awesome dogs, and loves to travel. Her favorite thing is Mickey Mouse.

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