Clinical Director

Donna Doolen, LPC

Donna Doolen, M.Ed., LPC, has been working in the addiction field for over 10 years and at Avenues Recovery Center for over 2 years.  She started as a school intern with Addiction Recovery Resources and set her career roots with the company, finding gratitude and humility every day. She entered recovery herself in 2005 and returned to graduate school at the University of New Orleans in 2007, earning her Master's of Education degree in Counseling.  Since then, Donna has served as Primary Program Counselor, Residential Clinical Manager, Intensive Outpatient Director, RTP Lead Counselor, and, ultimately, Clinical Director of Townsend Recovery & Detox Center in New Orleans.

Donna’s previous career was in hospitality; she earned her bachelors degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism from the University of New Orleans. Donna evolved from managing boutique hotels to planning and hosting large-scale events for thousands. Her catering and design skills led her to curate junkets for Caesars Palace and to travel extensively exploring culinary trends in other cities. Her decades of organizational prowess and attention to detail enhance her management skills.

Donna has made it her mission to serve the population and families that battle the disease of addiction. Many have called her God’s warrior on Earth. She volunteers in the community and started a Substance Abuse Ministry (SAM) in her church parish.


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