Regional Medical Director

Dr. Paul Kulpinski, MD

Dr. Paul Kulpinski hails from Silver Spring, MD. His educational journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Tech and a Medical Doctorate in Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine and Behavioral Medicine from the University of Maryland. He completed his residency at UMD, showcasing his commitment to the medical field.

Dr. Kulpinski's impressive list of degrees is a testament to his dedication to his profession. He continues to enhance his skills by focusing on counseling, motivational interviewing, medical expertise, and acceptance therapy.

His career choice was deeply influenced by personal experiences, having witnessed friends and family struggle with mental health and co-occurring disorders. Driven by a genuine interest in psychosocial aspects and helping individuals transform their lives, he found his calling in addiction medicine and behavioral medicine, where he specializes in aiding those feeling trapped in their behaviors.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Kulpinski cherishes moments spent with his wife, two teenage children, and their two beloved dogs. He's an avid fan of the Orioles, having attended numerous games, and enjoys participating in community events, demonstrating his commitment to both family and community.

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