Administrative Assistant

Erin DeLaRosa

Erin DeLaRosa is an administrative assistant at Avenues and is originally from Aurora, Colorado.

Erin pursued her education at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she majored in Photojournalism with a minor in Anthropology.

Drawing from personal experiences with addiction, Erin believes strongly in offering multiple chances and boundless compassion to those struggling with substance abuse disorder. She recognizes that addiction knows no boundaries and affects individuals from all walks of life.

Outside of work, Erin finds joy in outdoor adventures, whether it's fishing, hiking, or cruising on her electric longboard. An avid traveler and food enthusiast, she loves exploring new destinations and trying out local eateries with friends. At home, Erin finds companionship and joy in the antics of her two kittens, Fry and Iroh.



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