Primary Counselor

Jameka Stribling

Jameka Stribling, BSW, MSW, CSW, serves as a Primary Counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Covington, Louisiana, and resides in the neighboring state of Mississippi. Jameka graduated from The Universitv of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Social Work, and holds a Master's degree in Advanced Clinical Practice from Walden University. She is currently working towards her LCSW.
With professional experience in case management, community engagement, and acute psychiatric hospitalization, Jameka has worked with children and families' services as well as Veteran Care Services. She has a special passion for assisting high-risk populations such as minority groups, those with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, and the homeless.
Jameka chose to work in addiction treatment after advocating for family members struggling with co-occurring disorders, and is a firm believer in strength-based therapy. She is the proud mother of three children, and enjoys spending her free time with family and working in ministry.

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