Kaitlyn Carroll Corden

Kaitlyn Corden is the Administrator of Avenues Recovery Center in Covington, Louisiana. A native of the state, originally from Slidell, she now calls Mandeville her home, where she resides with her loving family. Kaitlyn is not only a dedicated wife but also a devoted mother to her two sons, Layton and Lucas, and a grateful bonus mom to Thomas.

While Kaitlyn's role as an administrator often keeps her on call 24/7, she manages to cherish her rare moments of free time. An avid traveler, she has recently explored Greece and Belgium, with dreams of visiting Italy and Sweden in the future. Kaitlyn also finds joy in indulging in retail therapy, particularly when it comes to #GirlMath. She's an enthusiastic reader who enjoys expanding her knowledge in health and holistic healing.

Within the Avenues family, Kaitlyn is an engaged and committed leader. She strives to be a fair and trustworthy example to her team, implementing an open-door policy to foster communication and collaboration. Kaitlyn excels in the art of listening and creative problem-solving, thanks to her journey through various roles within the organization.

Kaitlyn's core belief is that every individual who enters Avenues Recovery Center has the potential and worthiness to achieve positive change and make a lasting impact on the recovery community. She values qualities such as honesty, transparency, hard work, humility, and dedication. Under her leadership, Avenues has become a prominent figure in the Louisiana addiction community. Clients consistently praise the environment she has cultivated, characterized by genuine love, care, respect, and attentive support. Many clients express that Kaitlyn and her dedicated team, including Behavioral Health Technicians, Medical Staff, Clinical Staff, and Administrative Staff, are the first to treat them with dignity and compassion on their path from active addiction to recovery.

As a member of the recovery community herself, Kaitlyn possesses a unique ability to connect with those still struggling with addiction and offer them hope for a new life. Her own journey to recovery is a testament to the fact that recovery is possible. She understands the intricacies of an addict's mind, allowing her to respond with empathy and compassion. Kaitlyn excels at helping clients recognize their impulses and guiding them toward healthier thinking and actions, drawing on her intimate understanding of addiction and recovery. Her impact in the addiction community is truly remarkable.

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