Primary Therapist

Kathy Ritchie

Kathleen Ritchie hails from the vibrant city of San Diego, CA. She has earned counseling credentials in both Kentucky and Indiana, showcasing her dedication to her profession. Currently, Kathleen is on a journey to expand her knowledge and skills by pursuing a Social Work degree at the University of Louisville.

Kathleen's career trajectory took a significant turn after her personal battle with addiction. Leaving behind a successful career in advertising, she embraced a new path focused on aiding others in their recovery journeys. She firmly believes in the power of mindfulness as a potent tool for individuals seeking recovery. Kathleen places great emphasis on helping individuals become aware of their thought patterns and the emotions that drive them, recognizing mindfulness as a key to sustained recovery.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kathleen is an avid traveler who seeks to explore the rich diversity the world has to offer. Her passport bears stamps from a variety of destinations, including Canada, England, Mexico, Spain, Egypt, Germany, Poland, the Bahamas, and various locales across the Caribbean. Kathleen's love for travel serves as a testament to her appreciation for the different cultures, experiences, and perspectives that the world has to share.

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