Residential Counselor

Kayla Nimblett, BA

Kayla has worked in the addiction field for the last 2 years. Kayla obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is certified to treat Veterans in Recovery as well as in utilization of Accelerated Resolution Therapy.  Kayla looks forward to furthering her education by obtaining her LDAC as well as a master’s in Addiction in the near future.

Prior to entering the substance use treatment field, Kayla worked in varied roles, ranging from customer service to Direct Support of developmentally and mentally ill clientele.

Kayla is always up for a challenge and will always provide a listening ear and safe space for her clients to turn to. She is extremely passionate about substance abuse treatment and helping those suffering from addiction, as she knows this community is often forgotten or dismissed by society.

Kayla is excited to see what the future holds for her at Avenues Recovery in Dublin, NH, and looks forward to continue helping those who need it most.

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