Primary Therapist

Kelly J. Scott

Meet Kelly Scott, a compassionate counselor from Houma, Louisiana, with a wealth of experience and dedication to helping others.

Having attended Kansas Wesleyan University for her BA in Psychological Services in Addiction Counseling and Nicholls State University for her Master’s in Psychological Counseling, Kelly has been a Licensed Addiction Counselor in Louisiana since 2000.

Her journey into this career began after four years of sobriety , when she realized her calling to serve others struggling with addiction. Fueled by gratitude for her own recovery and inspired by those who showed her the way, she brings a deeply personal and empathetic approach to her work.

Believing in the importance of person-centered and holistic addiction treatment, Kelly strives to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Outside of work, Kelly cherishes her role as wife and mother to four children, along with two grandchildren - and another on the way! With a love for animals, she shares her home with a cat and frequents her mother's house, which is a sanctuary for three more feline friends.

Kelly is a self-professed homebody, and finds solace and community in the fellowship of AA and NA, embracing the principles of recovery that have guided her since her sober date of May 24, 1996. She lives by the motto "Just For Today."

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