Primary Counselor

Lee Funkhouse

Lee Funkhouser hails from Redkey, Indiana. He has worked at Avenues Recovery Center for over two years, moving from the role of Group Facilitator to Primary Therapist. He is a graduate of Anderson University, with a Bachelor's degree in business administration as well as an Associate's degree in Human Services and Addiction Studies. 

Lee's Higher Power has given him the opportunity to regain 30 years of life lost to addiction. He has been able to turn every painful experience into a positive by going from drug dealer to therapist, and beacon of hope and light.  The therapeutic value of one addict helping another addict is unparalleled, and it is his wish to be of help to another .

Demonstrating his constant commitment to providing gold-standard, highly effective services to his clients, Lee is currently working towards receiving his Master’s degree in social work. Outside of Avenues, Lee runs several recovery meetings (Brianna's Hope, AA, and NA), and is an active member in the recovery community.  When he is not working, attending school, or volunteering at different organizations, Lee enjoys spending time with his family, friends, playing guitar, and losing himself in art.

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