Primary Counselor

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson is a born and bred Fort Wayne girl.  She attended IPFW and California State University Dominguez Hills, where she earned her Master's degree in Social Work.   

Linda's personal journey to recovery began in 1987, and she became involved in the field of recovery around 1988, while working alongside her future husband in his nonprofit organization, 'Building on Sobriety". In 1990, Linda established 'Pathways to Your Future', providing shelter for homeless individuals battling alcoholism and addiction. Her dedication and passion for this cause have remained steadfast over the years, grounded in her belief of staying sober one day at a time and prioritizing faith in God.

Outside of her work, Linda finds joy in traveling, having explored destinations like Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, and various states within the US. While the pandemic temporarily halted her travels, she eagerly anticipates resuming her adventures, with Ghana being her dream destination. Additionally, Linda is deeply passionate about learning and teaching African American history and culture, finding fulfillment in sharing knowledge and fostering understanding of this rich heritage.

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