Administrative Assistant

Lori Sacks

Lori Sacks hails from Syosset, NY, and attended Ithaca College, where she earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. After a distinguished 31-year career as a music teacher, Lori continued to share her love of music through music ministry on the Worship team at a large church. As she approached her final working years before full retirement, she sought a fulfilling role in the Admin field and found it at Avenues through Indeed.

Lori's responsibilities at Avenues encompass Purchasing and HR, and she has discovered a deep passion for the community and mission of Avenues. This new chapter in her career has been incredibly positive and rewarding.

Lori is married to a wonderful social worker husband , and they have two grown sons. One of her sons works for the brand-new Avenues in Baton Rouge! In her free time, Lori enjoys being a soccer mom, and she's still trying to figure out what "off-sides" means .

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