Regional Executive Director

Matt Engler

Matthew Engler is the Regional Executive Director for Avenues Recovery of Louisiana. After having grown up in Destrehan, Louisiana, Matthew joined the military where he spent his enlistment in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Upon getting sober he ultimately began working in the substance abuse treatment industry. He started his career as a Behavioral Health Technician and moved throughout multiple departments working multiple positions which gave him a wholistic understanding of what the clients need and how to best serve them. Matthew is a loving father to two young boys. He and his children spend their time fishing, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Matthew believes in and exhibits his core values of family, hard work, dedication, and commitment. Through his work, Matthew hopes to have an impact on addiction, treatment, and recovery for the suffering addict and those close to them. His biggest passion in the workplace is to identify entry level employees as top-level leaders and aid them in the path to becoming that leader.

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