Primary Counselor

Michael M. McShan

Meet Mike McShan, Med., LPC, LAC, primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Covington. He has earned a Master of Education degree in Counseling from Southeastern Louisiana University, and certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor with the Licensed Professional Counselor Board of Examiners, as well as a Licensed Addictions Counselor with the Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority.

Mike has been working in Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorder treatment programs since graduating Southeastern in 2012. His area of focus is substance abuse counseling, including co-occurring disorders such as trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management and life skills. He has worked with adults in both individual and group settings, in residential as well as outpatient facilities.

Mike works from a Rogerian theoretical approach and utilizes both MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in his work. Using these modalities, Mike meets the client where they are at in their recovery journey and gives them the life skills necessary to survive and thrive in recovery. He walks with them through the stages of change needed to move themselves toward a fulfilling and self-directed life, free from substance use.

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