Clinical Supervisor

Rodney Bowie, CAC, CSW, MSW

Meet Rodney Bowie, devoted Clinical Supervisor at Avenues Recovery Center at Covington.

Originally from Jonesboro, Louisiana, Rodney currently resides in Laplace. With a passion for addiction counseling that spans over a decade, Rodney has been involved in this field since 2007.

Rodney's educational journey began at Southern University at New Orleans, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Addictive Behavioral Counseling and Prevention Magna Cum Laude. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, he obtained his Master’s degree from the School of Social Work at Southern University at New Orleans, with a concentration in Health and Mental Health.

Throughout his career, Rodney has acquired extensive training in models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gambling Addiction, and Emotional-Focused Therapy. He has worked with reputable organizations including Gateway Foundation, Covington Behavioral Health, and Grace Outreach, and has gained valuable experience through clinical training at facilities like River Oaks and Choices of Laplace.

Rodney's ultimate goal is to assist the oppressed and those struggling with drug and alcohol dependence to find inner peace and lead fulfilling lives free from chemical dependency. With his wealth of experience and compassionate approach, Rodney is dedicated to helping individuals on their journey towards recovery at Avenues Recovery.

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