A Community Built on People

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The right place.

What makes a place the right place? The environment? The morale? The amenities?

All of the above is true, of course. But at Avenues residential treatment facility at Prince Frederick, we know that more important than any of that are the people inside. Our staff and our clients, both. Like Gerald says, “The community within itself shows support, love, and caring for people.”.


Our team in Prince Frederick comes to work every day with the goal of creating such a place. We work tirelessly to foster an environment where people can grow, learn, and heal from their addictions.  It is a safe haven to embrace the recovery journey and return to the outside world with renewed energy and purpose. It’s what makes us unique. Calvert County is a small place where everyone knows everyone, and that’s what it means to us when we say, “find your way home”.

The community here is more than just a recovery center. We are a family.

Gerald summarized it perfectly when he said, “There’s support here and a reason why you’d want to join the staff. Because you’re helping people. And that’s so important in the world”.

So, what makes Avenues at Prince Frederick the right place?

People like Gerald, people serving the community selflessly, people passionate about people.

That’s the heartbeat of Avenues Prince Frederick.


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