Daycare Workers Accused of Spiking Children's Food with Melatonin

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In a startling revelation that has sent shockwaves through the community, four daycare workers in New Hampshire have been arrested for allegedly spiking children's food with melatonin. The incident, which came to light after a six-month investigation, has raised serious concerns about child safety and the regulation of daycare facilities.

The investigation, initiated in November 2023 following reports of "unsafe practices" at the daycare center located in Manchester, New Hampshire, uncovered a disturbing pattern of behavior. According to authorities, children at the daycare were being administered melatonin without the knowledge or consent of their parents. The daycare owner, Sally Dreckmann, along with three employees - Traci Innie, Kaitlin Filardo, and Jessica Foster - now face 10 charges each of endangering children.

Melatonin, a sleep aid supplement available over the counter, is not without its risks, especially when administered to children without proper supervision. While its short-term use is generally considered safe, the long-term effects, particularly on young children, remain largely unknown. Alarmingly, reports of melatonin overdoses among children have been on the rise in recent years, prompting concerns from health authorities.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has issued a warning against the use of melatonin in children and adolescents, citing the lack of oversight from the US Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have highlighted the dangers of unsupervised medication ingestions, with melatonin accounting for a significant portion of emergency department visits among infants and young children.

The discovery that the daycare operated by Dreckmann was unlicensed further compounds the gravity of the situation. While New Hampshire allows for the operation of unlicensed daycare facilities with certain limitations, the lack of oversight raises questions about the adequacy of regulatory measures in ensuring child safety.

Local residents, upon learning of the allegations, expressed shock and outrage. Gary Boucher, a grandparent in the community, described the revelations as "outrageous" and emphasized the need for swift action to address the situation. Many echoed his sentiments, calling for the immediate closure of the daycare facility and emphasizing the importance of holding those responsible to account.

As authorities continue their investigation and the legal process unfolds, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the vulnerability of children and the critical importance of ensuring their safety and well-being in all settings, including daycare facilities. It also underscores the need for stricter regulation and oversight to prevent such egregious breaches of trust from occurring in the future.

In the wake of this troubling revelation, parents and caregivers are urged to remain vigilant and actively engage in discussions with daycare providers regarding their policies and practices to safeguard the welfare of their children. Only through collective awareness and action can we hope to prevent similar incidents and ensure that our children are protected from harm.


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