Getting Help with Clothing and Dental Services During Treatment

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How do I get an application for clothing and dental help while in treatment?

  • Some facilities handle all of this on behalf of the client
  • Others may leave the client to handle this on their own
  • Many government resources exist to help people in recovery


Someone who is suffering from substance abuse disorders can be experiencing a lot mentally and physically. The definition of addiction even states that it is a complex condition. The brain manifests a compulsive need for a substance or behavior despite the risk or harm it may cause to oneself or others. In most situations, someone who has an addiction does not realize the amount of damage they are doing to themselves or others – or they don’t care as long as they get what they need.

Entering residential drug treatment is a huge first step for those who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The path almost seems to be harder before it gets better, making it a hard journey for anyone choosing to make the change. Depending on the addiction’s severity and duration, we may see patients come to us with poor self-hygiene and oral health problems. Part of the rehabilitative process is rectifying these circumstances for the patient as well. When we say we are by our patient’s side, we are there for every step.

Avenues Recovery Case Managers

During intake, we assign a case manager to each of our patients. These case managers are the ones who help the majority of the reentry into society after treatment. From getting new clothing, clothing for job interviews, training, and even dental treatment, the case managers help the patient coordinate it all.

Other facilities may make a patient handle all the paperwork and applications for getting assistance through the state and other organizations within the community. Avenues Recovery Center does not believe in making a patient fend for themselves when they are learning to live without the addiction in their life.

Local government may offer lists of resources. For example, Maryland has a Reentry Resource Guide available that is broken down by county. It gives the county, organization, address, phone, website, services provided, and the type of organization it is. These resources may help those who have already left treatment and need additional resources or for the families of those who are undergoing treatment.

The case managers at Avenues Recovery won’t leave patients or their families searching for help in their time of need. The reality of the situation is overwhelming enough for our patients that they do not need to be bothered with things like paying for treatment or finding ways to get clothing or dental services.

Many patients suffer from dental problems that were caused by their drug addictions. Be honest, have you ever looked at someone with bad teeth and assumed it was from meth addiction? You aren’t the only one who has done this, which is why we help our patients get a new outlook on their life by facilitating the procedures that will help them gain back their confidence when reentering the world.

Why Avenues Recovery Takes Care of Reentry Resources

Our patients are important to us. We want them to be successful after treatment, and the easier we make reentry back into their lives, the more likely they are to achieve success. A good recovery center feels this way. Not trying to speak ill of other facilities, but our take on the situation is that successful reentry means that our patient will be less likely to require a second intervention.

We take care of the applications for clothing assistance, dental assistance, and other forms of assistance that can be found within the state and community that the patient lives in. Everyone says that it takes a village to raise a child, but they don’t include the village it takes to help the recovered addict. We do. Avenues Recovery Center is that village when you or a loved one is suffering from addiction.

The Avenues case managers are the difference, they take care of everything so you can focus on recovery.

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