In Our Own Words: Tanaisha's Journey

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my excellence isn't determined by society
my love is pure
my smile is genuine
my heart is fragile
& my feelings are real
I can complain about my life
Or I can choose to change
The best word to describe me.
No matter how hard I hit
How far I fall
How large I fail
I get up and I smile
I may not get it the first time
Nor the second or third
But I try.
This journey called life is interesting
Some days I've felt like I wanted to die.
Other days I've felt like I was pretty close to death.
But today, this very second, I chose life.
I chose tears of freedom
& Hugs of joy.
It's taken a while , but I wholeheartedly can say that I love me.
The real me.

Real love.

The feeling of love.
Love that gives you energy to move swiftly
Love that increases the heart beat by 10
Love that moves you ever so gracefully through every stride
Love that lifts burdens to a place of non existence
Love that flows through the body as smooth a newborns bottom

I could go on and on with metaphors about this love but I chose to elaborate differently.
I was once shattered into millions of tiny pieces
Drowning in sorrow , incapable of hearing thunder roar, & unable to feel flames from the stove

Love changed the game.

There are birds singing outside of my window.
My sheets are cotton. The pillows are fluffy.
The waffles are sweet and buttery.
Linen is fresh, coffee is strong and the wind blows ever so smooth.

This whole conversation was sparked by a feeling.
Love is more than a feeling
Love is action,
Love is change,
Love is breath taking
Love is pain.
The beauty of it all is that we get to choose which side of love we embrace.
God is Love.


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