Baton Rouge Police Bust Drug Trafficking and Dog Fighting Ring

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In a significant crackdown, the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) has apprehended four individuals following an extensive investigation into a drug trafficking operation and dog fighting ring.

Detectives had been monitoring suspicious activities in the Baton Rouge area for over a month. Their findings indicated that a residence was not only distributing fentanyl and other drugs but also operating a dog fighting enterprise, as revealed by BRPD officials.

During the execution of the warrant, detectives observed several dogs in kennels and chained, showing signs of injuries consistent with dog fighting. The investigation further uncovered evidence of dog fighting at an adjacent abandoned property, where additional dogs were found chained inside, prompting an immediate response from animal control.

BRPD reported that nine dogs were rescued from the premises, alongside various pieces of evidence, including blood-stained walls inside makeshift dog enclosures at the abandoned site.

On June 5th, detectives conducted a search warrant at the location, resulting in the seizure of substantial contraband:

  • 3 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags
  • 7 dosage units of Alprazolam
  • 59 dosage units of Adderall
  • Approximately 583 dosage units of fentanyl pills
  • 5 grams of fentanyl powder
  • $4,001 in cash
  • A stolen Glock 23, .40 caliber handgun
  • Empty pill capsules intended for manufacturing fentanyl pills

Among those arrested, Stanley Yates faces multiple charges, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana, amphetamine, fentanyl, and Alprazolam. Additionally, he faces charges related to firearm possession and dog fighting. Ke’Vontae De’vontae Yates and Tavarus Devond Yates were also apprehended on charges related to drug distribution, while Vianna Mays was arrested for an unrelated aggravated assault warrant.

This operation underscores BRPD's commitment to combating drug-related crime and animal cruelty in Baton Rouge. Stay informed with BRProud for the latest updates on this developing story.

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