Indiana State Leaders to Host Event Addressing Mental Health Concerns

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In a recent revelation from new CDC data, it has been unveiled that nearly 15% of children in the United States sought treatment for mental health disorders in 2021. This concerning statistic has spurred Indiana state leaders into action, culminating in the organization of the upcoming "Mental Health Roundtable." Spearheaded by prominent figures like Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, this event aims to shed light on the burgeoning mental health crisis among young Hoosiers.

Set to convene in Indianapolis on June 12th, the Mental Health Roundtable will bring together a diverse array of state and nonprofit leaders dedicated to mental health advocacy. With a keen focus on fostering dialogue and tangible solutions, the summit seeks to address the pressing challenges faced by Indiana's youth in the realm of mental well-being.

"We'll be able to elevate the conversation and give us all a greater understanding of what our young people are dealing with today and how can we help them. Because we can't afford to lose any of our young people. They are the future of Indiana," remarked Lt. Governor Crouch, underlining the urgency of the issue.

One of the pivotal components of the roundtable will be a panel featuring mental health survivors who will bravely share their personal stories. By amplifying these voices, the event aims to destigmatize mental health struggles and foster empathy and understanding.

For Lt. Governor Crouch, the paramount importance of this initiative lies in its potential to catalyze actionable change. "We have got to do our part, and so it's incredibly important that nonprofits like the Youth Institute and the private sector incorporations participate because they have a vested interest in making sure that our young people are successful and healthy and happy," she emphasized.

Indeed, the impact of the pandemic has exacerbated existing mental health challenges, with anxiety and depression rates witnessing a staggering 60% increase. Against this backdrop, the Mental Health Roundtable emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a platform for collaboration and innovation in addressing mental health concerns statewide.

Registration for the event is open, welcoming all those passionate about effecting positive change in the realm of mental health. With each attendee, the collective effort to support and uplift Indiana's youth gains momentum, reaffirming the commitment to building a healthier, more resilient future for generations to come.

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